Smart Containers Quarterly Update Q1 2019

Update SkyCell, LOGI CHAIN, and Listing Strategy

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Apr 1, 2019 · 5 min read

Dear Smart Containers Community

The first quarter of 2019 is coming to an end and it is my pleasure as CEO to share with you the latest progress of our business.

However, before we jump to the good news about SkyCell and Co., let’s start with some insights into the development of the crypto markets.

Update listing Strategy

The last six months have shown a lateral movement for all major coins, which has not helped the liquidity of this market. The number of exchanges open for listing security tokens is still very small. While we are in communication with most of them, we do not see any exchange that can bring us the liquidity and the reach that will boost our tokens, once they are traded publicly.

Together with our advisors and experts, we agree that it makes more sense to wait for an exchange backed by a major player such as SIX Digital Exchange in Switzerland or Boerse Stuttgart in Germany. We have been observing closely a few benchmark tokens and don’t see significant alternatives for the time being. Therefore, we do not see any listing opportunity in the next 1–2 quarters and hope you agree with this conclusion.

In the meantime, there has been some trading on the decentralized exchange ForkDelta.

Now let’s focus on the business. It is my pleasure to share the following progress report:

Update SkyCell

SkyCell is growing exponentially. More and more shipments are booked every month, while client onboarding is at its peak. The team is highly motivated, and the mood is set to win.

Here are further highlights of our journey to success:

Endorsement by the Swiss Entrepreneurs Fund

SkyCell has been selected as the first direct investment of the Swiss Entrepreneurs Fund. This fund is under the patronage of the government of Switzerland and is managed by UBS and Credit Suisse in order to boost high potential companies on their growth path. As potential Swiss unicorn, SkyCell has passed the meticulous due diligence and secured an investment of several million Swiss francs. This endorsement is a quality seal for the efforts we’ve made and our vision to disrupt the logistics ecosystem.

New airline partners and collaborations

Next to our strategic partners Emirates Sky Cargo and Cargolux, we are constantly seeking to extend our network. We are very pleased to share that the Italian Airline Alitalia has signed a strategic partnership with SkyCell. After Switzerland, Italy is the largest producer of pharmaceutical products in Europe. This fact makes Italy one of the most relevant hubs in pharmaceutical logistics. The partnership between Alitalia and SkyCell will boost the whole ecosystem and allow this area to prosper and develop even further.

Next, to this strategic partnership, SkyCell, and AirFrance KLM Martinair Cargo, have decided to tighten their collaboration. AirFrance KLM Martinair Cargo has one of the largest and densest networks in the world, serving over 241 destinations.

“AirFrance KLM Martinair Cargo is going to expand the collaboration with SkyCell because we are both committed to providing the highest quality standards to our clients. SkyCell is driven by technological innovation in pharma transport technology and that is why we want to work very close together.”

– Enrica Calonghi, Global Head of Pharmaceutical Logistics at AirFrance KLM Martinair Cargo

There are further airline partners on our target list. We are advancing steadily by adding them to our network.

Market entry People’s Republic of China

SkyCell has decided to enter the Chinese market. Entering a country like China requires the right set up and most importantly the right contacts. SkyCell was able to recruit a pharma distribution veteran with more than 25 years working in China’s pharma distribution space. The SkyCell documentation has been translated into Chinese and first shipment requests have started flying in. This is a big step and we are excited to proceed on this endeavor.

SkyCell development is promising. Our successes prove that we are on the right track. I hope I was able to spill the positive vibes to you through these lines.


The LOGI Chain Foundation has decided to join the Hackathon at Trust Square Zurich:

Six of Switzerland’s leading blockchain and IT institutions have joined forces to organize the country’s biggest blockchain hackathon in 2019. The Swiss Blockchain Hackathon will take place in June at Zurich’s Trust Square blockchain hub and expects to attract some 200 developers, creators and inventors from Switzerland and abroad to collaborate on solutions to a number of specific real-world problems. The main goal of the three-day event is to help turn the promise of blockchain into tangible business applications. Of course, we are participating in the vertical Supply Chain and Logistics in order to further drive the implementation of the LOGI Chain.

As an industry partner, we will define the challenge but also participate in the hackathon ourselves. We are eager to exchange with peers and learn more about the development of our product.

Our goal is to be able to show a tangible minimum viable product to potential clients and partners by September 2019.

Thank you for your trust and your support on our way to disrupt the logistics industry with the use of blockchain. This is an exciting journey and we’re happy to have you on board.

Your Smart Containers Team

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