Hey Siri, why don’t you know I’m awake?

Leon Barrett
Jul 13, 2017 · 2 min read

I’m a creature of habit and have set my smart home up to reflect this. My weekday morning routine includes a wake up scene that:

  • Turns the Philips Hue lightstrip in the bedroom to a cool white glow (which I’m told is best for waking up to)
  • Disarms the alarm system
  • Sets the Kitchen Sonos to Radio 4 (via the Sonos app, not HomeKit)

This routine works well, most of the time. What’s annoying is that on occasion, I may need to get up earlier, or when I have a day off (try) to have a lie in, however, this scene still gets triggered at 6am regardless of when I actually wake up. There’s a couple of simple ways that HomeKit could fix this:

  • Integrate with the iOS alarm so that a scene can be triggered either inline with the alarm, or after it’s been disabled.
  • Use the Apple watch as a sensor to know when I’m awake.
  • Use motion sensors to detect if people are moving around and therefore awake.
  • Detect usage of accessories as an indicator of activity within the house.

This is a symptom of the current iteration of the “smart” home; everything is too literal. Even with the improvements for scene triggers and variables in iOS11, actually enabling them is still a manual process. At the minute, I have a convenient home, but I look forward to the day that my home really understands and can learn from me, removing the need to think about manually creating scenes and automations.

Smart Home Thoughts

A collection of stories about smart home tech

Leon Barrett

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Product Director working in Birmingham for the award winning @383project. Writing about tech, product and connected things.

Smart Home Thoughts

A collection of stories about smart home tech

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