SmartProgress is the coaches’ assistant in their work with clients

SmartProgress enables users to set a goal. Goals can be completely different, but you will hardly overestimate the very fact of the goal setting.

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable“. (Lucius Annaeus Sĕnĕca, Roman philosopher)

The basis of setting goals on SmartProgress is the SMART technique. Filling in the form of future goals, a user much better perceives the goal. Once the user creates a goal, he has already had a clear idea and his “desire” is getting transformed into the “goal”. Besides, the goal is already written, and thus fixed in his mind, it can no longer be so easily forgotten, moreover, SmartProgress will periodically send notifications to the user about his goal. Also, SmartProgress will offer the user to consider a plan of action, i.e. what steps should be taken to achieve the goal. At this point, the brain switches from the “problem” to the “search for solutions” mode.

This profile with goals will give a coach a much better understanding of the client’s needs, his motives and priorities. He will now clearly see the client’s goal, which will help much faster and easier figure out his problems and tasks to accomplish.

After creating a goal, the user will have to regularly write in a diary of achievements — what has been done to achieve the goal. This will enable to keep the focus on the goal. As we all know, after the first emotional uplift, after our decision to change something in life, the enthusiasm is slowly dying, and the goals get gradually forgotten until the new decisions to radically change everything come. But punctual journaling will help avoid this. Having developed the habit of keeping a diary, the person starts acting progressively, in small steps towards the cherished goal.

“The slowest person who does not lose sight of his goal, is yet more agile than the one who wanders about without a goal” (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)

The user will constantly have his diary in front of his eyes — the history of his way, what has been done to achieve the goal, which actions gave a good result, which didn’t. The journey he has completed, the achievements he has reached on the way will give him motivation and strength for the further move towards the goal. To the coach this diary will make a good tool for tracking the client’s progress, it will show which actions are being taken, how much he is focused on the goal, what difficulties he has faced. All this will help develop his work with the client and find solutions to the tasks.