Announcement: D-Day — STN5 Distribution #1

Smart Trade Networks
Smart Trade Networks
3 min readOct 12, 2021


There’s always a first time for everything.

We’re pleased to announce that the first ever distribution for STN5 token holders has been approved by the Board at Smart Trade Networks.

A distribution to qualifying token holders will be made on Tuesday 19 October 2021. This distribution is made possible by the proceeds from the successful sale of Argentina protein exported and sold in China by the team at BeefLedger.

These assets were some of the early days securities that anchor the value of STN5.

The distribution will be made in USDT, and will be made to the wallets that hold STN5 once confirmed by holders on the claim page.

The precise distribution is being ratified at the moment, based on a review and audit of the September quarter 2021 activities.

STN5 Exchange

The STN5 can be exchanged and traded at the Uniswap market here. Buy more here to access future distributions.

STN5 supply chain finance

The STN5 is a registered security. It is backed by diverse forms of security including products e.g. packaged food, company shares and other revenue rights.

This present distribution is based on the assets that were financed and sold in China — namely premium proteins from Argentina.

This is asset backed supply chain finance at work.

This first shipment enabled the team at BeefLedger to fine tune the product positioning and distribution channels. We have direct channels to restaurants as well as online sales straight to end consumers.

The lessons are now being incorporated into a scale-up roadmap to take advantage of the growing demand for proteins in the China market in a manner that meets our objectives to support and grow regenerative food product systems.

Regenerative Food Systems and Proteins for China

China’s demand for proteins continues to grow. Supply options are also expanding globally. There is a need to enable supply chains to meet this demand and at the same time enhance sustainability.

The BeefLedger team in South America is dedicated to utilising new technologies to contribute to better social and ecological outcomes in the supply of meat proteins into high demand markets.

For consumers this means more transparency about the product’s origins and journey … for suppliers this means streamlined processing and reduced costs.

We expect that on the back of the first shipment that took place earlier this year and the in-market developments that have been undertaken to establish distribution channels, additional food types will be secured for delivery into China’s Greater Bay Region.

Regenerative Food Systems Needs Better Data

One of the challenges of actually driving improvements in food supply systems is the lack of systematic data on key ecological system variables like water quality, air quality and soil quality.

As things stand much data of this kind is siloed and proprietary. This doesn’t encourage innovation and responsible whole-of-community accountability and stewardship over our natural resources.

And so, the STN team has been working with collaborators in the environmental sensing space to design a new approach to ecological system data collection and use.

This project will be announced in more detail very soon. The project team already has live water quality data being collected and available for community perusal as a demo. It’s one that has the potential to generate significant value growth for STN5 both directly by being involved in the project itself, and indirectly by growing use value amongst the cohort of projects that STN works with who can benefit from the availability of better data.

Wrap up

So, work continues to build sustainable supply chain asset-backed solutions. The focus has been on regenerative food production systems and associated technologies.

The experiences in the protein supply chain have created value, which will now be distributed to token holders. The learnings will also be incorporated into ongoing work so that we can deliver more distributions in the future.

Meanwhile, a number of important projects are being finalised enabling new value streams to be created. These projects are integrated so that maximum bang for buck is achieved.



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