New Carbon Abatement Certificates Marketplace on STN blockchain

Smart Trade Networks (STN) is pleased to announce that it is now developing a Carbon Abatement Certificates marketplace.

This opens up significant revenue and profit streams growth for STN5 holders, as new value is created and traded on supply chain assets.

Massive Global Marketplace

The global market for carbon abatements is projected to grow to US$50 billion by 2030, from a base of about US$500 million in 2019. That’s according to McKinsey, a leading global advisory firm.

By 2050, the annual value of carbon abatements globally is projected by SPG Global to be US$200 billion.

How STN5 Holders Benefit

STN5 holders will benefit from a range of new revenue streams.

Revenue streams will come from margins earned from transactions on the marketplace, and improved underlying profitability of supply chain assets and activities.

In livestock for example, STN5 holders will benefit from:

→ improved optimisation of yields from asset growth;

→ greater margins through reduced waste; and

→ new revenue capture from the trading of carbon offsets or abatement certificates.

Kinds of Carbon Abatements

The carbon abatements that are being tracked on the STN blockchain are certified carbon offsets achieved through improved land use and feeding practices in supply chain systems. These include:

  • the development and use of feed supplements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock;
  • enhanced carbon sequestration through reforestation and better pasture management; and
  • soil improvements.

The first implementation will focus on carbon abatements from improved feeding systems in the livestock supply chain. The STN blockchain will be tracking the acquisition and deployment of feed supplements and the cattle that will be feeding from it. You can see our proof of concept in the video below.

Recently, an Australian cattle producer inked a AU$500,000 deal to sell carbon abatements to Microsoft, highlighting the emergent interest in this new asset class.



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