The 2 Fundamental Flaws in Current DeFi Projects

All DeFi projects fall into 3 categories:

DeFi Flaw 1: DeFi is not backed by real assets

What is real value or assets?

DeFi Flaw 2: The Investor is not Protected

How do we protect the investor?

Blending Asset Securitisation with DeFi

Tracking Assets

Oversight on Registration and Tracking of Assets

Connecting Tracked Assets to an ERC20 Investment Token

Ethereum is too expensive to track assets on the public chain

Current ERC20 Wallets don’t support querying 2 blockchain networks at the same time.

Partnering with Smart Trade Networks

Side-chain MultiSig Asset Register

Multichain WebPage Wallet

ERC998 Asset Groupings

SupplyChain Finance in the Cattle Industry Replacing the Banks

Backing ERC20 Token with ERC721 Assets Explained Using Cattle

Early DeFi Adopter VIP Access Only



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