Dec 28, 2018 · 4 min read

Using SmartBots Group Management Tools is one of the easiest and convenient ways to reach your customers, schedule timing and keep them up to date without doing it manually all the time.

However due to the Second Life Messaging Limits you cannot send more than 5000 messages from a bot (all bots operated by a single user share a common limit). If you send more than 5000 messages in a day ALL messages from your bot(s) will stop until the limit gets reset the following day.

Messaging Limit includes any form of communication that is sent from your bot to someone else, such as: private IM, group notices, local/group messages, inventory/teleport offers and group invites, etc.

So integrating SmartBots with QubicBot is a perfect solution!

QubicBot is an application to run Second Life bots on your own computer.

The features of QubicBot include:

  • Supporting an unlimited number of bots.
  • Your bots will stay online with the re-connect feature.
  • Your password is always secure.
  • Sends IMs and group notices and can save them.
  • No messaging limits.
  • Allows connections with SmartBots.

By integrating SmartBots with QubicBot Application you can use our Group Management Tools without any kind of limitations.

QubicBot is an easy to download application for Windows. It does not provide a Mac OS X version but it comes with Qubic Cloud service, which allows you to host your application on a server for 24/7. You can read more about Qubic Cloud at

Setting up your QubicBot

1. Go to and download the application.

2.Purchase a license by sending L$ 1490 to QubicBot Resident in Second Life. (You can also get a free trial key, read more here:

3. Once you download & install the application, click “Add new bot” and enter your bot’s full SL name.

4. Enter your bot’s Second Life password and login location as shown on the screenshot below.

5. Once you have added your bot, go to the license tab on the interface and type in the license number you have.

6. Visit SmartBots store to get a free QubicBot Interface add-on (This add-on connects your Personal Bot and QubicBot).

7. Choose which Personal Bot the add-on should activate and wait a few seconds.

8. Visit your Account Dashboard & click “QubicBot Interface Token” on the left-side menu.

9/ Copy the SmartBots connection token and paste it under “Services” tab in your QubicBot application.

9/ Click “Main” tab of your QubicBot application.

10. Log the bot in.

If everything is done correctly, you should be able to see your bot without limits on QubicBot by clicking here.

Now you can enjoy your bot without messaging limitations!

We hope this tutorial helps you to understand QubicBot and how it works, if you have any questions or need assistance please contact our SmartBots Support Team.


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