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2 min readJul 26, 2021


We are happy to announce a new strategic partnership between Asteria and!

Asteria is the next generation decentralized options trading protocol offering professional pricing models, comprehensive risk control systems, and algorithm-optimized revenue generation to the market makers, built on peer2pool trading structure and Layer2 solutions. is a DeFi borrowing/lending platform focusing on fixed-income loans, fixed-interest-rate loans, and DeFi Fixed-Income-Funds.

This partnership means:

  • Asteria will integrate fixed-term borrowing.
  • will integrate the upcoming Asteria token as a collateral into

Why is this partnership important for strategy is to grow the user base. We do this via direct user acquisition and partnerships. We would like our partners to integrate our credit solution and to offer value-adding services to their users. platform benefits from the additional Asteria users, which will use services. These users will bring more volume and more transactions to the platform.

Why is this partnership important for Asteria?

Asteria and partnership will enable DeFi borrowing and lending in the Asteria ecosystem.

Asteria benefits in the following way:

  • Asteria will integrate fixed-term loan return into the yield aggregator
  • Users will be able to use upcoming Asteria tokens and to borrow fixed-term against them — the users can monetize their token holdings so
  • Users will stay longer in the Asteria Dapp, and users will generate more revenues for Asteria.
  • Asteria will receive 50% of the loan origination fees of their users
  • Asteria will receive SMARTCREDIT tokens pro rata per loan volume

This integration translates into the increased utility of Asteria platform Partnership Model general partnership model is:

  • Share loan origination fees with the integration partners.
  • The integration partners will earn the reward tokens for the borrowers and lender loan volume.
  • The integrating parties can include their token as collateral into is also open for further partnerships. If you think your line of work is similar to ours and the benefits could be mutual, please contact us for details.

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