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Dec 10, 2020 · 2 min read and CryptoTask partnership

CryptoTask is a decentralized freelance market ecosystem, lowering fees by directly connecting hires and applicants. Job disputes are resolved much faster and cheaper, while users reputation is stored on the blockchain and there is no arbitrary censorship or hidden tampering, such as hidden boosting, unlike the centralized freelance platforms. operates a DeFi lending platform with a low collateral ratio for the borrowers and personal fixed-income funds for lenders. is focusing on the fixed term and fixed interest loans. Additionally, is offering borrower and lender User Interface Widgets for integrations with other platforms.

We are very proud to announce a partnership between CryptoTask and This cooperation will benefit the users on both platforms.

  • CryptoTask will integrate borrowing and lending widgets
  • CryptoTask users will be able to give and take credit directly from CryptoTask website

Why is this important for

It’s about client acquisition. Most platforms try to attract end-users directly to their platforms. is doing this too, but this standard approach of getting users to the platform takes time.

Therefore, the approach is to work with partners, which integrate the Credit As A Service API or the borrowing/lending widgets into their platforms. That’s a faster way to grow.

Why is this important for CryptoTask?

Let’s think at the commercial banks — they try to offer a very wide set of services to the end-users. Why? Because by having access to more services, they can offer a much better customer experience. It’s a good way to create loyal customers.

That’s the model behind CryptoTask as well — not just being a freelance platform, but being a crypto freelance platform with additional crypto services. CryptoTask users will be able not only to freelance, but they can give loans and get loans. This means CryptoTask users can do more from one website, they will spend more time on CryptoTask and their loyalty will increase. Partnership model will share the loan origination fees with the integration partners. Additionally, the integration partners will earn the reward tokens for the borrowers and lender loan volume.

Integration partners can extend their offering to their clients, which results in increased client loyalty. In parallel, Integrations partners will earn revenues too.

Additional Info

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