Orion Money and SmartCredit.io Announce an Exciting New Partnership

Nov 10, 2021 · 3 min read

We are happy to announce a new strategic partnership between Orion Money and SmartCredit.io!

Orion.Money — SmartCredit.io partnership

Orion.Money is a platform helping Ethereum-based stablecoin holders of USDC, USDT, BUSD, UST (ERC-20) earn a high fixed yield of 15% APY by sourcing the yield from Anchor Protocol on the Terra blockchain. As Terra UST yields are more attractive than the Ethereum stablecoin yield, this offers a great investment opportunity to stablecoin holders.

SmartCredit.io is an Ethereum based DeFi borrowing/lending platform focusing on fixed-interest and fixed-term loans and DeFi Fixed Income Funds (FIF). Smartcredit.io has 12,500+ registered users.

This partnership means:

  • Orion Money users can borrow stablecoins against an array of collateral tokens, including ORION, on a fixed term/fixed interest rate basis and invest these stablecoins into Orion Money to earn a fixed and stable yield.
  • Orion will integrate SmartCredit.io credit tools for fixed-term/fixed-interest borrowing.
  • SmartCredit.io will integrate the Orion.Money token (ORION) as collateral for fixed-term borrowing.

Why Is This Partnership Important for Orion?

Not all users come with stablecoins but with diverse crypto assets. SmartCredit.io gives them the opportunity to borrow stablecoins of their choice on a fixed interest / fixed term basis by using these crypto assets as collateral.

Orion.Money users will gain access to fixed-term borrowing and lending without regulatory risks. While borrowing on a fixed term and fixed interest basis, a user will know what his cost of capital is, which makes his net yield predictable and certain. They can borrow stablecoins against their collateral assets and invest these stablecoins via the Orion.

Orion Money users will benefit in the following ways:

  • ORION will be added as collateral into SmartCredit.io.
  • Orion.Money users can borrow stablecoins with fixed interest rates against ORION and other collateral assets listed on Smartcredit.io.
  • Orion.Money users can invest these stablecoins into Orion Saver or Anchor protocol on Terra.
  • Orion.Money users will receive additional SMARTCREDIT token rewards for borrowing and lending on Smartcredit.io.

This integration translates into the increased utility of ORION tokens. The ORION tokens used as collateral for borrowing will be locked for the term of the loan and thus taking it out of circulation.

Why Is This Partnership Important for SmartCredit.io?

The SmartCredit.io strategy is to grow its user base. Integrating with Orion.Money will significantly increase the SmartCredit.io user base and help our initiative of educating the world about the benefits of fixed-term lending/borrowing when compared to money market funds.

SmartCredit.io users can now use the SmartCredit.io widgets on Orion.Money platform to borrow stable coins against SMARTCREDIT tokens or other collaterals and invest in Orion.Money for 15% APY. This is in addition to the staking returns and borrowing rewards they will earn from SmartCredit.io.

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