Piixpay Partners With SmartCredit.io

Nov 10, 2020 · 2 min read

Piixpay is a non-custodial crypto payment engine, which offers crypto to fiat payments.

SmartCredit.io is offering a DeFi lending platform with a low collateral ratio for the borrowers and personal fixed-income funds for lenders. Additionally, SmartCredit.io is offering borrower and lender User Interface Widgets for integrations with other platforms.

We are very proud to announce a partnership between Piixpay and SmartCredit.io. We will do the following integrations:

  • Piixpay will integrate SmartCredit.io borrowing and lending widgets into Piixpay platform. Piixpay users will be able to give and take credit from Piixpay application
  • SmartCredit.io will integrate the fiat on-ramping/off-ramping via the Piixpay integration

Why is this important for SmartCredit.io?

Therefore, the SmartCredit.io approach is to work with partners, which integrate the Credit As A Service API or the borrowing/lending widgets into their platforms. That’s just a faster way to grow.

Additionally, SmartCredit.io will integrate Piixpay fiat on-ramping/off-ramping solution. SmartCredit.io users will be able to move from fiat into crypto and from crypto into fiat via Piixpay. There are many potential users out there, who would like to join Defi, but this is challenging. The user will need an account at a central exchange, he has to transfer fiat into the exchange, and then converts it — this process takes time. Having direct on-ramping/off-ramping is all about a better user experience.

Why is this important for Piixpay?

That’s the model behind Piixpay as well — to extend from being “just a payment company” into the “crypto services provider” and to offer additional services to the users. Piixpay users will be able not only to do the payments but as well they can exchange cryptos, give loans, and get loans.

SmartCredit.io Partnership model


Additional Info

SmartCredit.io: https://smarcredit.io

Demo of SmartCredit.io borrowing widget: https://youtu.be/87aU5I8igNE


SmartCredit.io - Take back control over your money!

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