Release 1.3 Rollout Starting &
2 min readJan 19, 2023


We are excited to announce that started with the Release 1.3 rollout.

Key features of existing system are:

  • Efficient use of collateral for borrowing
  • Positions Monitoring System
  • Fixed-term, fixed-interest-rate borrowing
  • Personal Fixed Income Funds
  • Fiat on-ramp and off-ramp
  • Borrower and lender Bonus Rewards, Staking rewards
  • SDK for the integrations into the wallets
  • Widgets for the user interface based integration

The new user interface has been rolled out. It offers a much more streamlined and easier user experience on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. Try it at:

Release 1.3 is not only about a new user interface. It contains additional features too:

  • Support for Standard, Pro, and Pro-Plus user groups
  • Staking positions as collateral for borrowing
  • Binance Smart Chain support
Release 1.3 Rollout Starting

Standard, Pro, and Pro-Plus user groups

A standard user is anyone who does not stake SMARTCREDIT or stakes less than 10 SMARTCREDIT.

Standard users have borrowing bonus rewards. They can improve their trust score by using SMARTCREDIT tokens as collateral for borrowing.

Everyone who stakes more than 10 SMARTCREDIT becomes a Pro User.

Pro Users have borrowing and lending bonus rewards, and they receive staking rewards. Additionally, they can use their trust scores by staking SMARTCREDIT tokens.

Pro-Plus users can use their staking positions as collaterals for borrowing. They earn borrowing and lending rewards too. And they improve their trust score by staking.

Binance SmartChain Support

Release 1.3 will support Binance Smart Chain. Users will be able to stable stablecoins or BNB against key assets on the Binance Smart Chain.

About is a decentralized finance (DeFi) borrowing/lending platform with a focus on:

  • Fixed-term lending for borrowers
  • Fixed interest rates for borrowers
  • DeFi fixed-income funds for lenders
  • Low collateral ratios for borrowers

Most borrowing/lending platforms offer variable-rate, variable-term loans for borrowers. We are the opposite — we offer borrowers fixed interest rates and fixed terms.

Why is this important? Because of the cost of capital. Borrowers want to know how much their cost of capital is. In the same way, lenders want to know how much they will earn. Both sides will have predictability.

Additionally, we offer DeFi fixed-income funds for lenders. Lenders define which kind of loans they want to invest in — they describe their investment rules. Every lender can choose if they prefer short-term lending strategies (with less interest) or long-term lending strategies (with more interest).

Analytics Data analytics is available in:

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