Published in announces upcoming Standard, Pro, and Pro Plus Users

We are excited to announce that will implement Standard Users, Pro Users, and Pro Plus Users with the upcoming Release 1.3.


  • The current release — Release 1.2 — introduced credit lines, staking, bonus rewards for borrowers and lenders, additional collateral, and fiat on-ramp/off-ramp. But it will still have only one type of user.
  • The follow-up release — Release 1.3 — focuses on sidechains.
  • Additionally, Release 1.3 will introduce Standard Users, Pro Users, and Pro Plus Users.
Standard, Pro, Pro Plus users in Release 1.3

Below is a description of the differences between these new user groups.

About is a decentralized finance (DeFi) borrowing/lending platform with a focus on:

  • Fixed-term lending for borrowers
  • Fixed interest rates for borrowers
  • DeFi fixed-income funds for lenders
  • Low collateral ratios for borrowers

Most borrowing/lending platforms offer variable-rate, variable-term loans for borrowers. We are the opposite — we offer fixed interest rates and fixed terms for borrowers.

Why is this important? Because of the cost of capital. Borrowers want to know how much their cost of capital is. In the same way, lenders want to know how much they will earn. Both sides will have predictability.

Additionally, we offer DeFi fixed-income funds for lenders. Lenders define which kind of loans they want to invest in — they define their own personal investment rules. Every lender can choose if they prefer short-term lending strategies (with less interest) or long-term lending strategies (with more interest). does in-the-background automated matching of borrowers’ loan requests with lenders’ fixed-income funds. But not only this, monitors the loans, and if the borrower is not paying or the borrower’s collateral value sinks too much, the loan is liquidated. never earns on the liquidations — what’s remaining is transferred back to the borrower. Here is our big difference from our competitors (Aave, Compound, and Maker). Our competitors earn revenues while liquidating the under-collateralized borrower because the collateral is sold at a discount and the remainder of the collateral value becomes the profit of liquidator bots. Most of these bots are run by the respective platforms. And the liquidation revenues transfer into the platform revenues, in some months even into 50% of the respective platform revenues… is different. The remaining funds from liquidations are transferred back to the borrowers. does not earn on the borrower’s liquidations. And if the collateral does not cover the borrower’s obligations, the loss-provision fund will pay the gap to the lender.

Standard Users

A standard user is anyone who does not stake SMARTCREDIT or stakes less than 10 SMARTCREDIT.

Standard users:

  1. Have borrowing bonus rewards, 10%–50% APY, depending on total borrow volume. The borrower bonus rewards are allocated every Sunday, 12:00 UTC.
  2. Borrowers can use SMARTCREDIT tokens as collateral for borrowing. In this case, we improve the borrower’s trust score by 1 point (on the 1 to 9 scale, 9 being the best).

Pro Users

Everyone who stakes more than 10 SMARTCREDIT becomes a Pro User.

Pro Users:

  1. Inherit all features that a Standard User has.
  2. Have lending bonus rewards, 10%–50% APY, depending on total borrow volume. The borrower bonus rewards are allocated every Sunday, 12:00 UTC.
  3. Receive staking rewards of 40%–80% APY in SMARTCREDIT (depending on total staking volume — if 50% of the holder’s stake, then the APY is 40%; if 25% stake, then the APY is 80%).

The staking rewards will be assigned after 90 days of staking.

  1. Can use gasless re-staking of the staking rewards — gasless re-staking will not require any gas payments.
  2. Borrowers can additionally improve their trust scores via staking of SMARTCREDIT tokens.
  3. If staking at least 15% of total loan volume, then the trust score is improved by 1 point (on the 1 to 9 scale, 9 being the best).
  4. If staking at least 33% of total loan volume, then the credit score is improved by 2 points (on the 1 to 9 scale, 9 being the best).

Pro Plus Users

To become a Pro Plus User, the holder has to stake at least 2,500 SMARTCREDIT tokens.

Pro Plus Users:

  1. Inherit all features that a Pro User has
  2. Can use their staking SMARTCREDIT tokens as collateral for borrowing
  3. Will earn the rewards in partner tokens from the joint marketing campaigns with our partners

Pro Plus Users can use their staking position as collateral for borrowing too. So, they would earn the staking rewards and borrower bonus rewards at the same time.

Additionally, with Release 1.3, we start to share the tokens of our partner projects with our users pro rata, pro-volume on their borrowing and lending volume. This feature is available only for Pro Plus Users.

Additional Information

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-- - DeFi lending, Low collateral ratio for the borrowers, Fixed Income Funds for the lenders

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