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Here are the details of our Tokenomics:

Token Supply

Total amount: 25 000 000
Contract: 0x72e9d9038ce484ee986fea183f8d8df93f9ada13

10% of the total supply (2 500 000 tokens) are unlocked, the other 90% (22 500 000 tokens) are time-locked with OpenZeppelin contracts and will be released 1/4 (in equal parts) in years 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  • Pre-sale: 1 250 000 SMARTCREDIT (5%).
  • Team: 2 500 000 SMARTCREDIT (10%). These tokens are time-locked; Every year, the project allocates to the team 10% of additional circulating supply.
  • Liquidity provision: 5 000 000 SMARTCREDIT (20%). Most of it is time-locked. This allocation will go to the Uniswap liquidity pool or a market-making deposit.
  • Reserve and Insurance fund: 3 750 000 SMARTCREDIT (15%). Reserve & Insurance fund is used to sell the tokens (for further project financing) or cover unexpected events. These tokens are time-locked, which means the earliest reserve tokens will be released in 12 months from the pre-sale (1/4 of the allocation). The project can extend the lockup periods.
  • Liquidity mining: 10 000 000 SMARTCREDIT (40%). All of these tokens are time-locked. Liquidity mining will be available for the platform users and the partners, which will integrate our lending platform and generate volume on our platform. The exact formula for liquidity mining derives from the real volume on our platform.
  • Marketing: 2 500 000 SMARTCREDIT (10%). Most of it is time-locked. It will be spent rationally on future promotional activities.
  • Annual Circulating Supply Growth: Targeted annual inflation is ca 30%

Yearly Token Unlocking / Locking Event

At the token generation event:

  • 10% of tokens are unlocked
  • 90% of tokens are time-locked

Every year, end of October / beginning of November, we will have the unlocking/locking event:

  • OpenZeppelin contracts will release the next batch of tokens.
  • The project will carefully evaluate how much additional supply is required for the upcoming 12 months. All other tokens will be locked again for four years via the OpenZeppelin contracts.
  • We will repeat this procedure every year.
  • Currently, the project is locked the supply for the years 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • This mechanism allows locking the supply for the years 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc.
  • Project targets to have annual token supply inflation of ca 30%

Yearly token supply increase consists of:

  • Team tokens
  • Marketing tokens
  • Token rewards for the borrowers
  • Token rewards for the lenders
  • Token rewards for the integrators
  • Staking rewards for the holders

Team tokens allocation

  • In the first 12 months after the token creation, the team will have 0 tokens. This aligns the interests of the team with the holders.
  • In every unlocking / locking event, we will assign 10% of the circulating supply tokens to the team
  • This means team tokens will always be paid out with a delay of 12 months every year

For example, the end of October, beginning November 2021 is the first unlocking event:

And another example, hypothetically, for November 2022:

  • Hypothetical circulating by then 2'000'000 SMARTCREDIT
  • The supply increase from the last unlocking / locking event was 2'000'000 — (1'350'000 + 150'000) = 500'000 tokens.
  • The team will receive 10%, which is 500'000 / 0.9 * 10% = 55'555 tokens

Team token allocation will be done every year together with the unlocking / locking event.

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-- — AI-driven self-custodial neobank, Fixed term and fixed-interest rate loans for the borrowers. Fixed Income Funds for the lenders. AI-based crypto transactions monitoring.

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