Tokens Usage for 4.11.2021–4.11.2022 &
3 min readNov 6, 2021


We are happy to announce SMARTCREDIT token usage for 4.11.2021 to 4.11.2022!

Tokens usage

For the period 4.11.2021 – 4.11.2022, we calculate with the following token usage:

  • Bonus Rewards for the Borrower’s and Lenders — 10% annualized inflation, 150'000 tokens annually or 2'885 tokens weekly
  • Staking rewards for the Holders — 15% annualized inflation, 225'000 tokens annually or 4'327 tokens weekly
  • Integrator Bonus Rewards — 3% annualized inflation, 45'000 tokens annually
  • Marketing tokens — 6% annualized inflation, 90'000 tokens annually
  • Team tokens — 10% of the annualized inflation, to be allocated at 4.11.2022
  • Total inflation per year — 36%
Tokens usage

Details of token usage (bonus rewards and staking) are in the Updated SMARTCREDIT Token Utility with upcoming Release 1.2

More Data

  1. Circulating supply per 04.11.2021–1,360,243 tokens
  2. The first team tokens ever were allocated on 05.11.2021–151,138 tokens to key team members.
  3. The circulating supply per 05.11.2021 is 1,511,381 tokens.
  4. The forecasted token supply per 04.12.2022 is 2,058,881 tokens.
  5. The project account now has 685,862 tokens. Project allocates them mainly for the bonus rewards and staking as defined in the Updated SMARTCREDIT Token Utility with upcoming Release 1.2.

Unlocking and locking

We unlocked 5'625'000 tokens from batch 1. And we locked exactly all these 5'625'000 tokens again for four years. is a long-term play. We are in the transformational move from the custodial banking system into the noncustodial financial system. will be the key facilitator of this transformation by enabling fixed-term loans, fixed-interest-rate loans, and DeFi Fixed Income Funds.

Here are the etherscan links to the lock contracts:

  1. Lock till 4.11.2022
  2. Lock till 4.11.2023
  3. Lock till 4.11.2024
  4. Lock till 4.11.2025

We will unlock every year only as many tokens as required for the token utility. For the next 12 months, we calculate 36% token inflation, mainly for bonus rewards and staking (See more in Updated SMARTCREDIT Token Utility with upcoming Release 1.2). We anticipate smaller annual inflation after next 12 months.

First Team Tokens Distribution

The team has so far 0 tokens and is receiving the tokens always with 12 months delay. The team allocation is 10% of the circulating supply.

The first-time team tokens are distributed now — 151'138 SMARTCREDIT tokens to the key team members.

Team tokens distribution

Additional information

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