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Everything You Need to Get Fit in 2021 (and Everything You Don’t)

No hype. No BS. Just raw, real fitness.

What you should know about our fitness programming

Our programming isn’t sexy. It isn’t chock-full of the craziest, coolest looking exercises (although there are plenty of fun ones included). It isn’t the “newest” way to work out.

Smarter Sweat Beginner Program

Smarter Sweat Foundational Strength Program

What’s Next

We’re hard at work designing four more spectacular, science-driven, expert-tested online training programs.

  • We consider what has worked (and what hasn’t) for ourselves and our clients.
  • We scour the science on fitness, fat loss, building muscle, gaining strength and anything even remotely relevant to the Smarter Sweat program at hand.
  • We finally sit down to write a Smarter Sweat program.
  • We beta test it, bringing a trusted friend or family member through the entirety of the program, collecting feedback along the way.
  • We revise the program, test it ourselves, and then revise it again.
  • Then, that Smarter Sweat online training plan is finally (finally!) ready for you.



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Smarter Sweat

This is raw, real fitness. No detoxes. No skinny teas. No hype. No BS. Just the utter truth about getting fit and staying that way. @smartersweat everywhere.