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Facts You Didn’t Know About Martial Art

Edwin Smith
Apr 27, 2017 · 5 min read

Martial art training is essential for well being of every individual. It promotes self discipline and boost self confidence. It can also help you get fit mentally and physically. It helps in psychological as well physical development of every individual. Martial art is the traditional form of fighting or defending techniques. Martial art develop in many countries over the period of time. They have strong focus on development of mind body and spirit . Martial art techniques are popular all across the world. They are use for self defence, physical fitness, entertainment, competition. and more. Many people also use martial art for their spiritual development. It has strong connection with meditation techniques. Martial art is also a part of our Indian ancient cultural heritage and traditional games. We have a long tradition of martial arts within India. We will check the benefits of martial art styles to understand their importance.

Benefits of martial arts

  • There are immense benefits from practising martial arts. Anyone can learn self defence and learn to control their body through martial art. It can keep you physical fit and improve your health.
  • Martial art can develop mental clarity and focus. For performing any task or while doing any work. If you are working in any office or doing any simple work at home you can work with full clarity and focus.
  • While practising martial art or while doing any activity body releases endorphin's. That lift your spirits by making you feel good and improves your mood to keep you complacent.
  • Martial arts can help improve both your physical coordination and enhance your reflexes. It can affect or enhance your performance in daily tasks like driving.
  • Martial arts also help improve flexibility across your entire body. It protects you against injuries by helping to provide better mobility.
  • Martial art training in mumbai can help you in making new friends. It also helps in making new connections and meeting new people. Learning martial art is mostly done in classes. Which helps people who share the same passion for learning martial art to comes together to form a community.

How to choose martial arts style?

Before rushing to find the best martial art classes in Mumbai. There are several things you need to consider. Martial arts are great for physical, mental and spiritual development. No matter which style you choose to learn. They all offer great potential for growth and development of individual. Martial art can teach you many new things which will help you in every stage of your life.

  • Understand what martial art goals you are looking to achieve. If you are looking for self defence, fitness, fighting ability or competition.
  • Choose the most affordable martial art classes. Martial art classes rarely advertise their prices. With you can check the rates per hour or as per month. The prices vary according to your choices of styles or if you go for yearly or monthly subscription. Do a lot of research before joining any class. Many martial art classes may offer you discounts if you take package or join with your school groups or with few of your friends.
  • It would be wise if you request your instructors to let you sit in during some classes. It will help you in finalising a specific place and style. And also you will get to know about martial art style and martial art instructor.
  • Find martial art classes that fits your schedule. You need to spend a lot of time in martial art training school so make sure you are dedicating enough time for your training classes. It needs lot of practise and disciplines to learn martial art.
  • Search for martial art classes near by. If you are finding it hard or time consuming check online through They offer a list of professional martial art classes with location and schedule. You can contact them easily. Mostly people join the martial art classes which is available in their area.

Take a lot of time and do a lot of research to find right martial art classes to meet all your martial art goals

Types of martial arts

Martial arts are a great way to reduce aggression and increase psychological health. There are different kind of martial arts styles. Choosing the best styles to practise is little difficult. There are several martial art styles. You need to first find out what exactly you want to get out of martial art training.


Karate is one of the most popular and recognised style in martial arts. It is a very traditional martial art with strong emphasis on respect for others. It has many styles likes Shotokan, Wado Ryu, Goju Ryu, and Shitu Ryu, and many more.


Taekwondo is a thousand year old Korean martial art. It is establish around kicking techniques. It can teach you self defence and hand techniques.


Judo is a very effective self defence art. Teaches you how to put locks and holds on an opponent, and how to throw. It does not involve kicks or punches.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art. It has hundred of styles. Bruce lee was famous for his Kung Fu martial arts styles.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the fastest growing martial art style. During 1940’s and 50s Japanese Judo and Ju Jitsu masters exported their martial arts to Brazil. A brazilian family the Gracies, took this knowledge and developed it into Jiu Jitsu. It offer focus on getting your opponent into a submission by locks, holds and chokes.


Kickboxing is develop in the USA as an alternative to boxing. As the name suggest suggest its a boxing sport where you are also allowed to kick. While learning traditional boxing techniques you can also learn various kicks. Most of which derive from Taekwondo in style.

Choi Kwang Do

Choi Kwang Do is a korean martial art style. It involves kicks which generally are not above the waist, and they have a variety of hand techniques

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art. It teaches meditation and relaxation, but it also teaches you to focus your inner energy, or Chi.


Kalaripayattu martial art originated in Kerala. It is the oldest form of combat training.

We have understood the various benefits of martial arts and also the types of martial art classes in Mumbai India. Choose any of your favourite style through they can help with all the information including the location, price and schedule. If you have any further query drop in the comment section.

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