Fitness centre in Mumbai

Here’s What No One Tells You About Fitness.

Physical fitness plays a major role in improving the quality of our life. A physically and mentally fit person can enjoy the life to its fullest extent. Physical fitness requires you to follow healthy life style. Eat a balanced diet along with regular physical activities and exercises. It also helps you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, build strong bones and prevent many chronic health diseases. It promotes overall health. Many people get excited about fitness at start. They join a gym or find fitness centres nearby in haste. There are also many people who buy expensive fitness equipment to exercise at home. Yet most people lose their interest in few days, they do not feel motivated to pursue it further. Also, many people do not continue their exercise routine at home. They lose their money as well as neglect their fitness. There are various reasons we often hear for not continuing regular exercises. We have seen most often that people try to achieve fitness but fail miserably. Almost, everyone of us want to stay fit, make resolutions, but fail to act. Fitness or health is very important in our life. We will understand and search ways to make fitness part of our life.

How to make fitness a priority

Fitness needs sincere commitment, good planning and motivation. To achieve fitness, you need to set right goals. Your goals should be specific, measurable, practical, down-to-earth, and timely. To keep you motivated write down your goals on paper. If you are exercising with any unrealistic or fanciful goal, then you may not feel motivated for a long time. You need to exercise with a positive goal to become mentally and physically strong and fit, to get strong bones and get energy for completing everyday chore with strength. Also, a goal can be to achieve fitness to enjoy life and be strong. This kind of positive goals will always inspire and motivate you to do regular exercise. Physical fitness does not only mean strong body it also means a sharp intellect and mind. Physical fitness will eventually help you to use and control your body and mind. Then you can use your body and mind to achieve most important goals in your life.

For Physical fitness one need to follow fitness routine rigorously. It requires self discipline, dedication and commitment. Many people dream of achieving their ideal weight or build muscles, but due to lack of motivation and commitment they don’t pursue it further. You need to prepare your mind and body to follow fitness routine. You have to accept fitness as part of your everyday life. It takes lot of time and effort to make fitness a habit or part of life. Fitness is not a temporary thing, it’s a constant attempt we have to make every day. We have to work hard to add fitness in our everyday routine like we can’t avoid eating, sleeping or drinking. We have to face lots of obstacles while accepting fitness in our life. We need to save some time everyday for fitness routine. It means we have to change some of our old habits. We may have to wake up early, or skip meeting with our friends or skip watching our favourite TV shows. We all have to do some sacrifices to achieve fitness. Changing old habits is a difficult task. If you try to get up early in the morning to exercise, your mind may refuse the thought. It may want to stay longer in bed. But you have to neglect those idle thoughts. It requires lot of will power. Develop the will power to accept fitness as part of life. It’s really hard to change old habits and make good new habits. Yet we have to try persistently to achieve fitness. It’s worth it, as the end result will be a happy and healthy life. For achieving fitness in our life, we need lot of time and effort, will power as well as change in habits. Find out ways to overcome these hindrances to get a healthy life.

Fitness routine plan

It will be great if you start your fitness routine by walking. It is one of the best exercises. Also there is no need to spend money as you can walk anywhere when you get time. Try to spare some time everyday for walking. You can visit nearby park or beach for walking. They are great places for walking or running. Also, try to find out how walking can affect your other habits. Is there anything that is putting hurdles in your walking routine? Do you have to make changes in old habits? The best way is to design a walking schedule and then commit to it. Decide in advance at what time you will walk? For how long? What time of the day and the total duration. This will give you an idea if you can go for any further fitness activities.

There are various activities which you can do for further fitness. E.g. swimming, bicycling, aerobics, skipping, weight training, etc,. All these exercises will help you to develop physical fitness. They increase flexibility, faster recovery from illness or injury. It also relieves stress, improves memory, and helps to sleep better. It decreases risk of high blood pressure, stroke, colon cancer and diabetes. Always begin exercise with warm up. It increases blood flow and prepares body for physical activity. It also helps to prevent injuries.

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