Points to Consider While Choosing a Catering Company

Catering plays a crucial role in planning an event or a party. Whether a Corporate catering or Wedding catering, choosing a right catering services requires a great research. Engage with Professional caterers who can assure safety and security while handling every expected and unexpected situation which may arise with their strong expertise. If you are finding difficulty on how to feed your guest, Here are some of the noteworthy points to consider while choosing a Catering Company.

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1. Take a reference , Recommendations from your event management company, friends and family members about a reputable catering company. Never presume that recommended caterer will be the perfect company for your event needs. Just because one caterer performed extremely well for particular event it doesn’t mean it will work same for yours as well. Follow and verify the recommended caterer by personally contacting them and by visiting their facility

2. An ample amount of experience is needed to cater large amount of people. Not only consider the experience of company but also the experience of chefs and other relevant staff, because ultimately these are the people who will make your party a successful party by delivering the tasty and delicious food to your guest.

3. Menu option changes according to trend. Make sure that Catering Company you are hiring frequently updates there standardized veg and non veg dishes according to requirement of client.

4. Sampling the food menu is necessary, so taste the food item before finalizing the menu. If they do not offer tasting the menu option, move on to some different service provider.

5. Every catering company has a specialty in preparing a particular food item. Find out the item and include that item in your food menu.

Food Menu

6. Check out if the catering company are maintaining proper licensure, insurance and permit to carry out business.

7. Food safety is very important. Hygiene factor should be considered while serving food to the guests. This will leave a good impression in alluring your guests.

8. Make sure that they have sufficient and complete equipment to handle the guests

9. Choose catering packages and style according to your budget . Your budget and catering style will help you to decide which companies you can afford to hire.

10. How early you must book the service, You should know the deadline, till what time you need to book the caterer also it will give your caterer enough time to prepare for your event.

11. Some guest avoids certain food because of allergic reaction or because of fasting during religious ceremony. Make sure that the catering company keeps in mind to have sufficient backup and adjustment to cover the cooking habits of different people.

12. Choose buffet style option, So that your guests will get more option to choose from different varieties of veg and Non-veg food.

13. If you are planning for a destination wedding, check whether the catering company is having a prior experience in similar setups and whether they are ready to provide service according to your wedding theme and tradition.

Destination Wedding

14. Organic food should be given priority and food should be rich in nutrition and should include calcium, protein, vitamins and other essential ingredients for maintaining health.

Sign a contract with Catering company. A contract should include every details of catering service that is promised to you. Also include setup, cleanup and leftover in the contract. Most of the catering company takes the leftover food unless agreed upon before head. so don’t forget to include this term in contract that the leftover food will be taken by you.

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