This Winter, Geyser or immersion rods which is better for you?

In Winter Season in most Indian houses we find people using geyser or immersion rods for Hot Water. Many people in India prefer using immersion rods as they are very cheap. Yes, there is a risk in using immersion rods but many people in India still prefer them as they also have some advantages. Immersion rod or geyser which option you should go for depends on your needs. Every Gadget there are Pros and Cons, same-wise Immersion Rod and Geysers has Pros & Cons too.

Why Immersion rods?

Immersion rods are cheap and Easy to Use. You can get hot water in a very economical price. Immersion rods heat the water by using electric current. First you need to immerse immersion rods in a bucket full of water, It’s always advisable to Use Plastic buckets which cannot pass electric current through them as there are high chances of Electric Shock. Most of the Electric Shock happen due to bad quality Electric Switch Install for Immersion rod. Immersion rod gets heated up as electric current pass though it and in turn it heats the water. It takes lot of time to heat water with immersion rods. They can only heat limited quantity of water. Immersion rods are very unsafe and inconvenient. We can use Immersion rod effectively with some safety guidance like Use of Good quality of electrical outlet, Install electrical outlet by Professional Electrician & Always keep children away, when you are using Immersion rod.

Professional Electrician

Why Geyser ?

Geysers are very convenient and safe but they can be relatively expensive as compare to Immersion rod. Lots of brands are available in the market even on E-Commerce Website. You can get geysers Starting from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 20,000 depending on your budget. Geyser contain sealed metallic container mounted on a wall. A water line attached to geyser inlet valve and geyser outlet valve attached to the tap. When you switch-On electric, cold water from water line enters the geyser and heating element inside the geyser heats the water. With geysers there are less chances of electric shock but make sure geyser installation done by professional electrician near by you. It is quite safe to use, even a child can use it easily. There is also a option of auto off where geyser automatically gets off after heating the water. There is no need to worry about safety with geysers. They can heat water in just 5 to 10 minutes. You can heat water up to 25 liters with geyser.

Geyser and immersion rods both have some advantages and some disadvantages. You can get more advantages with geyser however they are expensive if you choose some big brand name. There can be fewer features available if you go for less expensive brands. Many big brands now sale immersion rods as well as geysers however do check with them all the information before buying.

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