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Difference between JVM, JRE, and JDK

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  1. JRE is a combination of JVM and a set of libraries.
  2. JDK is a combination of JRE and development tools.

JVM (Java Virtual Machine)

  • It is virtually present in a device. i.e. it has no physical presence on your device. It just provides a virtual environment for code execution. This means JVM does not execute any code, it just provides a suitable environment.
  • JVM is platform dependent. For each software and hardware, we have a different JVM configuration that would work only for that particular device.

JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

JRE = JVM + Library Set
  • It is the implementation of JVM.
  • To run any Java code JRE is required at a minimum.
  • JRE contains a set of libraries that JVM uses at runtime.
  • JRE physically exists, unlike JVM which has no physical existence.
  • JRE is platform-dependent just like JVM.

JDK (Java Development Kit)

JDK = JRE + Development Tools

Here, is the pictorial summary.




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