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How We’re Sharing Code Between React and React Native

Part of our team following Vitaly Friedman’s Frontend Conf 2017 talk. Photo by Claudio Schwarz

Actions and Reducers

Annotated Flux Overview by Facebook:
import { reducers } from ‘your-shared-package’;const store = createStore(combineReducers({
yourCustomReducer: /* (state, action) => state */

Business Layer

Components and Styles

Styled Components

Higher Order Components

Writing a Library


  • Actions, Action Creators and Reducers
  • Business Layer
  • styled-components Theme Configs
  • Higher Order Components



When we write, we usually write code. Here, for once, we write about everything behind it — about our company culture and how we organise ourselves, which approaches and technologies are currently high on our agenda and how we master personal and technical challenges.

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