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Definder monthly roundup: December newsletter

December brought us several outstanding developments, and we are happy to share all the details of the company rebranding, the initiation of the SLT staking, and some more.

Smartlands changes name to Definder reflecting big goal to become the largest tokenization platform globally

The company aims to expand beyond real estate and agriculture and tokenize a $1tn worth of assets.

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The official start of staking and reward distribution

We are excited to announce that the first technical fee distribution took place on the 10th of December. All qualifying token holders received their share of the pool with the entire process carried out automatically by the Smartlands system bot according to the number of tokens and the number of days staked during November 2021.

This event opens staking on our platform.

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Branded sticker pack for the SLT community

We know for a fact that our community loves all sorts of fun, including games, stickers, and memes. So, the SLT community and Selty stickers are obviously a perfect match. That’s why we asked our audience to vote for the reactions they would like to use and now we are ready to present the animated Selty stickers according to the top 20+1 replies.

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To start using our Selty stickers, please follow the link.

Satoshi Club AMA recap

In December Ilia Obraztcov and Martin Birch сohosted the AMA in Satoshi Club answering the questions of the audience new to our projects. For the transcript of this event please follow the link below.

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Definder community AMA

To give even more answers to our loyal community about our recent developments, we put up the blog article covering many questions of the hour.

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It was a year of thorough preparation for the main launch and we are truly proud to look back and see what is accomplished so far.

We had a soft launch of the platform and upgraded the principal functionality for individual investors. With our marketplace came a renewed SLT Wallet and this ensured stable trading, storage, and staking of our token.

We engaged 9 new strategic partnerships and held hundreds of meetings with the owners of real estate, SMEs, and other types of assets to line up a massive pipeline of the listings.

We ran a test deal on the platform and started fee pool distribution. We have restructured as a group of companies and undertaken company rebranding.

The following milestones will ensure we maintain our excitement and be ready for the next steps. We begin the new year and a new stage of our project that will introduce a better way for people to invest.

As always, please, feel free to give us your feedback on social media or the telegram community. We appreciate your involvement and interest.

And see you soon to give you more news on our ambitious projects shortly,
Definder Team



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