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Every successful company has its own unique story of formation with the beginning, rise, fall and effect. Definder is no exception!

Therefore, looking back, we are ready to tell you about the unique experience of our company, which was born back in 2017…

The year when much of society learned about the blockchain, the year when the “cryptocurrency revolution” took place, the year when we realized we needed to act. Thus, a group of investors from Europe founded the startup Smartlands.

In the same year, the best specialists in the fields of investment, development and construction came together to create their own blockchain platform. It has enabled investors and asset owners to enter into an agreement quickly and easily. We managed to minimize risk, allow shareholder investing with experienced asset managers and benefit from profitability.

A good start becomes the engine of further work. That’s how in 2018 Smartlands managed to obtain a license for investment activities in the UK and the European Union.

The time of our company’s existence coincided with the rapid development in the field of blockchain, so in the first quarter of 2018 a test version of the platform was successfully launched, and in the first quarter of 2019 the main team of Smartlands began work.

The company’s entry into the international market began with Establishing headquarters in London (UK) and a development office in Vilnius (Lithuania).

We did not stop there and were the first tokenized property in the UK. It was a specially built student complex in Nottingham, which was a real discovery for retail investors.

They now have the opportunity to invest in low-entry projects, secure financial transaction guarantees and liquidity in the secondary market.

The final direction of our activity was the launch of a global platform for crowdfunding investments and the STO campaign. The patented method impressed investors because it combined technology and infrastructure in the digital space. We were the first in this field and moved boldly.

The path chosen by Smartlands was significantly different from that of other companies, so we attracted the attention of many media resources. Forbes Magazine mentioned us in an article on token security, Yahoo Finance noted us in an article on the tokenization of the global economy, Investing in investment work, and VentureBeat made the publication on our blockchain-based crowdfunding platform.

The next episode was less enjoyable. In 2019, the FCA (UK Financial Regulation Authority) announced a ban on some cryptocurrency-based financial transactions. Unfortunately, the new rules have extended to Smartlands. But that didn’t stop us, because although the decision was made on the basis of consulting work, we realized that the product helps to significantly reduce the risks for retail investors. So, we seek a mutually acceptable solution to the situation.

It was decided to turn to expert law firms that were interested in the idea of ​​shaping the future of investment through innovation. Thus, several memoranda appeared, which allowed to work further.

2020 changed the world. Our business model has also changed. Smartlands was starting to work with global investment banks, shifting the focus of interest from retail investors to institutional investors. We have expanded our audience from young people who are immersed in the world of cryptocurrency to middle-aged people who are interested in the digital asset cycle, passive income and short-term investment. Our team worked diligently to optimize the platform, the main goal was to make the application as simple and concise as possible.

Spoiler: we succeeded!

The project aroused great interest among users from all over the world and analyzing crypto-friendly countries, Ukraine had the greatest potential. The agreement with BIG-U (Business Incubator Group Ukraine) opened the door to high-yield real estate, and the partnership with UICE enabled Smartlands to use the stock exchange and information channels for its own distribution.

Having achieved the set strategic goals, the company came to restructuring. The changes also affected the name. Smartlands has become a place for real estate investment, and the main platform is called Definder. A name that fully reflects the essence of the project — defi (one of the areas of the cryptocurrency industry) and finder — (founder of the business), forming together an anagram of the word defense (defender of assets).

The beginning of 2022 is the case when the idea breaks through despite the circumstances. Realizing how difficult our team has come, what trust we have among users, we remain faithful and reliable.

The events in Ukraine have once again pushed Definder to transform, which will go unnoticed by users. We are also continuing the work we have already started and we are not going to stop:

  • Registering a company in Liechtenstein and adapting our platform to existing business practices in the European Union.
  • Diversification of the geography of our final product with a focus on Central / Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
  • Growth through partnership.
  • Technological improvement of the platform.
  • Internal reorganization of the company structure.

So, let’s not lose touch and move on together! Thank you for your trust.



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