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Smartlands announces partnership agreement with Ukraine’s oldest established commodity exchange

Kyiv, Ukraine, November 15, 2021: Smartlands is pleased to announce that we have completed the signing of a wide-ranging partnership with Ukraine’s oldest commodity exchange.

Under the terms of the agreement, Smartlands will assist the exchange in concluding a multi-year project to introduce cryptocurrencies to the exchange and will offer our patented technology for operational and settlement activities. In addition, it is planned that the exchange will make available ICOs on the Smartlands platform to the general public, thus opening another distribution channel for attracting investors.

Smartlands is in the process of applying for a brokerage licence, and once this is issued, we will be joining the exchange with a seat on the trading floor.

The partnership with the exchange covers multiple areas and topics; we are preparing a detailed overview of this new agreement and will be publishing a follow-up article shortly, setting out all the ramifications of this latest development.


Smartlands is a digital investment platform with a proven use case for tokenizing shares in real assets. Having its mission of tokenizing the real economy and bringing all its benefits to a broad audience, Smartlands launches an alternative investments project in Ukraine. The native cryptocurrency of the Smartlands ecosystem is the SLT token. It is limited to a maximum of 7.1 mln tokens and runs on the Stellar open-source network.

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Smartlands by Definder is the next-generation blockchain-based investment and DeFi ecosystem

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