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Smartlands announces SLT-Gang Awards.

Dear community, validators, and token holders,

It has been a difficult year in many ways, and we are delighted we spent it together. You supported us with your validation work, active discussions, straightforward questions, and some even silently. The instant feedback we receive for all our business news is really precious, and it keeps us clear-headed and focused on our goal.

To celebrate our achievements so far, we would like to announce our SLT-Gang Awards. With this award, we are giving you our own feedback and appreciation.

Our nominations are:

Top-10 SLT-Advocates

The winners are announced in the Official Telegram Chat.

Top-10 Active Official Chat Participants

The winners are announced in the Official Telegram Chat.

All Active Testnet Participants

We are not disclosing the list of active testnet participants, but 28 of the most active from our list will receive their reward.

All winners in Top-10 SLT-Advocates and Top-10 Active Official Chat Participants nominations will be sent a branded hoody, and the Active Testnet Participants will receive a reward of 500SLT. With our branded gifts to the winners, we hope to add some tangible connection to our digital relationship.

All the winners will be contacted directly to arrange the award's delivery after the 29th of December. All active validators will receive an email from us to request a public key for SLT transfer; please remember to check your email that you use for the testnet.

Thank you,
Ilia Obrazcov

and the Smartlands Team.




Smartlands by Definder is the next-generation blockchain-based investment and DeFi ecosystem

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