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Smartlands July Achievements, Triumphs, and Updates

Hello, all, and welcome to the July edition of Smartlands newsletter — your one and only source for news and updates on all our projects!

In July our team went on to explain the technicalities of Smartlands Network, a new blockchain solution for financial markets from Smartlands.

Smartlands Network aims to become a leading public ledger for the blockchain-based capital market of the modern world — a distributed ledger that is flexible enough to automate settlement of all possible transactions for all classes of fungible assets. Starting from issuing and transferring assets and up to MTF trades and post-trade settlements.

This ambitious positioning influences architecture selection and the overall concept of the system. The network must facilitate transactions with any type of assets, beginning from non-regulated utility tokens, and up to, what is even more important, the opportunity to conveniently handle all possible transactions with digital securities in every possible legislation.

Brand new details on Staking, freshly released Validators section on the website, updates on Inflation — we invite you to check all this month’s news on Smartlands Network website!

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