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Smartlands latest updates: October newsletter

Hello everyone, and welcome to the October edition of Smartlands newsletter — your source of news and updates on all our projects!

The latest world news draws a vivid picture and reminds us that the turbulent days are not over yet. We may accept it to be a “new normality,” or we may not; we choose to carry on doing what we do best and also to stay open-minded to embrace the changes and adapt to them.

For the last months, we have been focused on two main projects: Smartlands Network and the security tokens issuance project.

While Smartlands Network aims to become a leading public ledger for the blockchain-based capital markets of the modern world, the aim for the second project is to unite blockchain solutions with traditional investments and open it to an even broader audience.

Our ambition is to be the number one digital alternative investment platform in the Eastern European market and then go globally. We have set this goal in partnership with traditional financial institutions.

We already worked out the legislation questions for this project and defined for ourselves the main participants of the investment process. The investment platform by Smartlands is meant for big and small investors, asset holders, investment funds, and family offices.

The next stages of this project will be announced within the month time.

Stay tuned, as they say!

Meet the Team!

As it was announced previously, we welcomed two new team members.

Martin Birch, the managing partner of Empire State Capital Partners, has joined the core team as non-executive Chairman.
Nataliia Britten was appointed as CMO of the company… Read more.

To introduce our new team members, we would like to give you more details on their experience and the role in Smartlands.

Martin Birch is an investment banking professional with extensive sales experience gained globally across both the media and banking sectors.

He brings his investment expertise to help the Smartlands team in reaching a wider audience and starting global expansion.

For many years in advertising and marketing, Nataliia Britten was responsible for the marketing part of product development and product launch of many brands both for traditional goods and digital services. Her experience with ICO companies covers some global projects as Hacken cybersecurity ecosystem (brand development and launch), Crypviser network (marketing materials development), Nexus by Broctagon, and others.

Nataliia will be responsible for communication of all Smartlands projects, new product brand development with extra attention to stakeholders’ needs.

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