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Smartlands monthly roundup: November newsletter

Hi all,
November was a busy month for us in Smartlands: new partnerships, active technical upgrades, and all sorts of preparation for a new phase of the platform launch.

Here’s a summary of our significant accomplishments of this month:

Smartlands announces partnership agreement with Ukraine’s oldest established commodity exchange.

Smartlands is pleased to announce that we have completed the signing of a wide-ranging partnership with Ukraine’s oldest commodity exchange.

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Smartlands and the Ukraine International Commodity Exchange.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement with the UICE, Smartlands will utilize the exchange and its distribution channels to promote ICOs on the Smartlands platform to a much wider audience. It is intended that investors will be able to access the Smartlands platform through the UICE and be able to participate in Smartlands ICOs in exchange for both fiat currency and cryptocurrency, forming a distribution channel through Ukraine’s premier commodity and financial exchange in addition to our existing network.

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Smartlands and IX Swap announce a strategic partnership.

In a further milestone in our plans to develop a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, Smartlands is delighted to confirm a partnership agreement with Singapore-based IX-Swap.

Under the terms of the agreement, Smartlands and IX-Swap are working towards a cross-market quotation scenario whereby both organizations will be able to quote assets on each other’s platforms using a common custodian and cross-chain wrappers where necessary to enable immediate settlement thus opening each party’s investor base to new opportunities and of course new fee-generating abilities for each party.

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Please find the press release on this occasion from our partner.

First Fee Pool Distribution Up-Date.

With this announcement, we are confirming that the system construction and stress testing are now complete and that first fees have already been generated by the Smartlands platform on the back of technical listings for distribution on 10th December. Next year, 2022, will be an excellent year for Smartlands as we move from a technical to an operational focus, and the revenue starts rolling in as our program of platform STOs gets underway.

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Our news and commentaries in media
Blockchain: How It’s Being Used to Process Payments

As always, please, feel free to give us your feedback on social media or the telegram community. We appreciate your involvement and interest.

And see you soon to give you more news on our ambitious projects shortly,

Smartlands Team

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Smartlands by Definder is the next-generation blockchain-based investment and DeFi ecosystem

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