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Smartlands monthly roundup: November newsletter

Hi everyone, this is the November edition of Smartlands monthly — your source of news and updates on all our projects!

Ukraine is becoming the most blockchain-friendly regulation.

It’s a huge step in the mass adoption of security tokens.
On December 2, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Law “On Virtual Assets.” This law in Ukraine legalizes the cryptocurrency industry and security tokens.

According to Mikhail Fedorov, the Minister of Digital Transformation, after the final adoption of the law, the following changes will come into force:

  • international crypto companies will be able to register a blockchain business in Ukraine and operate legally
  • cryptocurrencies will receive legal status
  • The Ministry of Digital Industry will be the regulator of the virtual assets market, and in some cases, the National Bank of Ukraine and National Securities and Stock Market commission will have powers
  • providers of virtual assets services will have to undergo state registration to be able to work legally.

So far, only Ukrainian sources have covered this news. We are excited to share it with you. As we chose Ukraine to be the first market for our alternative investment project expecting for the draft of the law to be adopted.

You could notice our news on social media and telegram chats, but in case you missed something, we gathered everything important here.

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