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Smartlands opens a fund in Liechtenstein to tokenize property under the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act.

London, UK, April 16, 2021: Smartlands announces further developments in its alternative investment project.

We are delighted to announce that we have started the process of licensing in Liechtenstein.

Together with Quantum Attorneys and local partners in Liechtenstein, Smartlands has developed a legal framework for tokenizing Ukrainian assets under the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act.

The timing forecast for the fund opening and obtaining all necessary licenses is up to 6 months. Thus, we are planning that in the second half of 2021, with the launch of the Liechtenstein legal upgrade, the real estate assets listed on our platform will be tokenized and offered to retail investors worldwide.

Although we are focused on Ukraine right now the Smartlands ecosystem, platform and tokenization protocols were always planned to be global in nature. Utilizing Liechtenstein’s existing legal structure will allow us to bring Smartlands to a global audience and will massively increase the potential investor base for platform ICOs”– said Martin Birch, Non-Executive Chairman of Smartlands Platform Ltd.

Smartlands is a digital investments platform with a proven use case for tokenizing shares in real assets. Having its mission of tokenizing the real economy and bringing all its benefits to a broad audience, Smartlands develops alternative investments to launch it in Ukraine. The SLT is a cryptocurrency of the Smartlands ecosystem. It is limited to a maximum of 7.1mn tokens and runs on the Stellar open-source network.

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