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Smartlands Semi-Annual Overview

Hello all, and welcome to our new edition of Smartlands newsletter — Semi-Annual Overview of achievements and strategic updates of our projects.

As the new quarter of 2020 started, our team is analysing the results of the previous periods and building projections for the next ones. Not an easy task we must admit as the issue of a pandemic and worldwide economic downturn has become a significant variable in calculations. Nevertheless, we stay optimistic and aim to fulfil all the milestones declared at the beginning of this year.

Going back to the historical data, we have realised how much our team has done for the last half a year and we feel sharing these key highlights with all of you is a must. As a result, we have prepared an extract with the major updates to make sure you have access to all important information in one place.

Executive Summary

Q4’ 2019 and Q1’ 2020 have been indeed fruitful for Smartlands as the team progressed in all five strategic growth pillars, namely

  • Smartlands platform customer base growth
  • Listing new projects on Smartlands platform
  • Initial work on the launch of White Label solution
  • Raising capital for global scaling
  • Launch of Smartee digital banking service.

In the Q4 of 2019 Smartlands focused primarily on laying the foundation for its customer base growth. In particular, the team was in negotiations with potential partners and worked on nourishing its pipeline with new projects. This resulted in a kick-off of the joint project with the UK Sotheby’s and creating a solid backlog of the upcoming projects. Meanwhile, the team started working on a brand new Smartee product — digital banking service powered by Smartlands. While in Q3 the team was working on developing the concept of the project, the next quarter was dedicated to the technical development of the Android application, designing a brand image and creating communication strategy. All these efforts led to a soft launch of the product end of last year.

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