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Video interview: Martin Birch on how SMEs can utilize Smartlands Platform

To date, the best opportunities to invest in promising companies at the early stage of their development have been denied to the average investor as specialist Venture Capital funds have taken the investments for their own benefit. With Smartlands, we will be democratizing the process and making these investment opportunities available to everyone with companies that have been through the BIG-U program and are thus in a strong position to create substantial returns for their early-stage investors.

With our platform, these companies will be able to sell a small percentage of their equity to the general public through an initial coin offering which will then give the people who buy it a fractional shareholding in that business” — says Non-Executive Chairman of Smartlands Martin Birch.




Smartlands by Definder is the next-generation blockchain-based investment and DeFi ecosystem

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Definder Platform

Definder Platform

Definder Platform: DeFi as a comprehensive fundraising tool for the real economy. Enhanced liquidity for startups and established businesses. https://definder.g

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