Smartlink partners with Havas Blockchain. Havas Blockchain is the Havas Group’s solution that provides consulting, communications, and technology resources to Blockchain projects, offering agile support through the network of Havas Group agencies. Havas Group is one of the world’s largest global communications groups.

Smartlink is excited to announce its partnership with Havas Blockchain, the solution developed within the Havas Group. Havas Blockchain will work as strategic brand management and development partner of Smartlink.

The marketing Group holds a history of successful product launches, campaigns, and adoption for the most prestigious brands. …

We share insights into our guiding principles, development process, and talk to some key members of the team.

Smartlink is born out of the need for reliable suppliers that can evolve with the rapidly changing business landscape.

A software company or cutting-edge IoT hardware manufacturer working with international clients expects the same level of proficiency in their day-to-day transactions as they do in other aspects of their business.

However, the current payment and escrow services operate on legacy systems, inefficient financial bureaucracy, and are burdened with security risks.

That’s how Smartlink came into existence.

The Smartlink team faced real-life challenges…

We’re a community-led project, which means our members are and will always be at the core of our ecosystem.

As we move towards the development phase, we want to share our long-term vision, marketing approach, and community updates.

Smartlink Vision

Smartlink aims to address the current trust deficit prevalent in commercial transactions. The current solutions are inefficient, not flexible, expensive, and are prone to security issues. Our goal is to extend Trust-as-a-service through our platform.

What are we doing right now?

In line with our previous updates, Smartlink team is engaged in developing strategic relationships within the Tezos ecosystem but also with key projects that are working in…

Smartlink wants to keep the community up to date about the allocation of funds and how we intend to use them.

Now that we have finalized the raise, we’re ready to get started with our development phase. A critical part of the process is to secure funds for the development of the Smartlink ecosystem.

Here is how we plan to allocate funds for development.

Smartlink Financial Update May 2021

Let’s start with a recap of the ICO raise.

We raised a total of:

  • 243,771.48 XTZ
  • 336.3 ETH
  • 1.319 BTC

Some of the primary goals of our financial policy are:

  • Securing funds to finance ongoing development…

Dear Smartlink Community,

We’re grateful for the support and faith our community has placed in our project. Smartlink has successfully closed its ICO.

We couldn’t have achieved it without the support of our community and as our way to acknowledge your contributions, we’re introducing Smartlink Community Awards.

What are Smartlink Community Awards?

Smartlink Community Awards are rewarded to the most active and helpful members of our community. The idea behind these awards is to cultivate a feeling of belongingness within our community.

Any member that helps other members understand Smartlink better, including our platform, modules, and use cases, stands a chance to win this reward.

Eligibility for Smartlink Community Awards

Dear Smartlink Community,

We’re excited about the early closure of our ICO. We were able to raise $3 million through our public and private rounds, indicating massive support from the crypto community.

We’d like to offer an update and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • I cannot see my token balance on the Token Sale page.

For most participants, the token balance has been updated. If you cannot see your token balance, kindly contact support. There is likely to be a problem with your Synaps details.

  • I sent funds through an exchange. What should I do?

Dear Community,

We’d like to announce the official closure of our first public token offering.

Our initial plan was to run the ICO between May 5, 2021, and June 29, 2021, but thanks to your astonishing response, we were able to raise funds within 48 hours.

We’d like to express our gratitude to the Smartlink community for their great support during our ICO.

Here are some official figures related to SMAK token sale.

Smartlink ICO in Numbers

  • Pre-ICO: $499,357 USD
  • ICO: $1,999,040 USD
  • Net Raise: 2,498,397 USD
  • Total Investors: 2172

What’s next?

Our team is working tirelessly towards the next phase of the project. We’ll launch…

After reaching our soft cap in less than 2 minutes during our Pre-ICO, you may know that we’ve decided to lower the maximum contribution to give more people an opportunity to get on board and get some SMAK while reinforcing our community! 💥

We are extremely happy about the results and wanted to share key ICO numbers so far:

Number of contributors: ≈ 1,654 SMAK Holders
Public sale funds: ≈ $ 1,717,836 USD raised / 2,000,000 USD
ICO Completion: 86%
Available : ≈ 28,216,367 SMAK ($ 282,163.67 USD)

Since we have almost achieved our target, we’d like to give…

Dear Smartlink Community,

As we’re just hours away from Smartlink ICO, here are some important rules you need to consider.

Basic rules:

• Minimum contribution is 100 USD, please do not try to send less as you’ll be disqualified and refunded.

• Maximum contribution is 1,000 USD, please do not try to send more as you’ll be disqualified and refunded. The rule applies to both ICO and pre-ICO participants, no exceptions.

  • We will mute our Telegram as long as we deem necessary in order to protect the community from scammers and users with bad intent.

Dear community,

We’ve been working day and night to answer your questions and address the increasing interest in the Smartlink project. We’re happy to share with you the data we promised.

The early bird advantage

The soft cap was reached in 1min50 on April 29. Our set of rules was to create a fair equilibrium for everyone who joined early, respectively to the intial Pre-ICO dates, to have a share in the ICO regardless of how fast the soft cap was reached.

This gives every Smartlink early birds a head start on other participants!

Please find below the long-awaited results for the Smartlink Pre-ICO:

Smartlink Labs

The future of decentralized payments and escrow services.

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