5 reasons why you should start a coding school in your city

Coding schools are a very popular way to learn IT skills. Many coding schools or Bootcamps are popping up all over the globe to offer people ways to launch their career in the IT.

Edtech is a very interesting business opportunity for many companies and entrepreneurs. Here are five reasons why starting a coding school in your city is a good business idea.

1. Help young people get jobs in perspective industry

Jobs are changing. Many young people nowadays study for jobs that might no longer exist in the next 5–10 years. This will result in big changes in the educational sector all over the world.

The Internet has been a big game changer in how we do our jobs today and many young people are interested in discovering skills that could land the team a job in the IT field. Coding schools are a great alternative for young people to learn those skills and seek a better future for themselves.

2. Help people be better at their current job

With digital transformation happening all over different industries many of jobs require new skill sets from their employees. Implementing a new technology could be a burden to people but if people embrace changes they could really benefit from it. Like automating repetitive tasks etc.

Also, informal learning is becoming more acceptable by many companies with a goal to create skilled employees to compete in today’s world. coding schools can help companies and their employees learn useful IT skills.

Coding schools are a great alternative for young people to learn IT skills.

3. Support local IT companies

Many IT companies are competing with each other for the best developers. They offer big salaries and other benefits to attract top talent and usually companies with a bigger budget get better people. But this is in no way a good long-term strategy.

Coding schools help bring new people with IT skills to the job market. Companies are more and more keen to employ junior developers and give them the experience they need to become fully independent programmers.

4. Demand for IT skills is growing every year

Demand for people with IT skills is growing rapidly every year. Many studies show that the gap between demand and supply of IT people in the market is getting bigger and bigger.

And formal education (like universities) cannot keep up with the demand and rapid changes in new technologies (like new programming languages). Coding schools are a good way to close this gap. Also, many IT companies do not care about official degree anymore. Instead, they value practical skills.

5. It’s a good business opportunity

From our experience running an educational business is a good opportunity that can work very well in many cities. IT skills are something that many people want (or need) to learn today and the trend is growing every year. Running a coding school is a very interesting business that you should consider.

What now?

So, here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider starting a coding school in your town.

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