Let’s Look Back at Our Favorite Moments of 2017

Last days of 2017 are a great time to set new goals for the upcoming year. But to plan ahead you must always look back to understand where you are going. Here are some of our top moments in 2017.

The First Course in Croatia

In May 2017 our partner Netokracija organized the first SmartNinja course in Croatia.

Irena Žagar joins SmartNinja as CMO

Irena Žagar joined SmartNinjaHQ team as a Chief Marketing Officer.

We became a fully remote team

SmartNinjaHQ team is doing everything remotely, which enabled me to spend 8 months living abroad.

SAP course with 200 students

In September we did the biggest partnership so far. With SAP Slovenia and Zavod Ypsilon we organized 10 courses with 200+ students attending.

The First Course in Spain

In November 2017 our partner The Living Room Coworking organized the first course in Spain.

We sponsored a young Ski Jumper

Žak Šilih is a SmartNinja student and also a ski jumper. We decided to support him with his sport endeavours. He supports us too. :)

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