SmartNinja Coding School — How did we do in the last 3 months

Every now and then we need to look back and reflect. We believe in full transparency towards our employees, our instructors and our students, the SmartNinjas. That’s why we looked at the data from the last quarter (Q3 2017) and these are the results.

What are the most popular SmartNinja courses?

Our most popular course is Web Development 1 (57.1%).

Female vs. male SmartNinjas

35% of our students are female

How did our students like our courses?

After the course student rate the course from 1–10. Average course grade is 8.64.
In Q3 2017 SmartNinja operated in three markets: Slovenia, Austria and Croatia.

Things we look forward in Q4 2017

SmartNinja Homework Sessions

We are launching a new project to help build a great community for our students. This is why we are offering our students a Homework session every week where they can meet and do their homework together (p2p learning).

SmartNinja Matching Event

In November we will host the 3rd edition of a SmartMatching event where we invite our Web Development 2 students and local IT companies with a goal of getting our students an internship or a junior developer position. So far these events have been a big success with many of our students starting their coding career like this.

SmartNinja Instructors Community

We have 50+ instructors in a SmartNinja network. We are building an online channel where instructors from different countries can connect and share their best practices.

New units

We are in the process of launching new SmartNinja units in:

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