Full Length Movie Shot On iPhone with Ryan McDonald

Susy Botello
Apr 14, 2020 · 4 min read

It was around the the 9th grade when Ryan McDonald began to consider a career as a police officer, a lawyer or…a spy like, James Bond. Then he realized he was deliberating his career options around most of the films he enjoyed watching. But that helped him come to the conclusion that what he really wanted to do was make movies. Ryan considers himself a storyteller and he shares his attraction to the medium, which connects to his craft as a filmmaker.

Ryan McDonald

Ryan McDonald shares the journey from making short films to a feature film. His experience over the years gave him an opportunity to learn as a director, a writer and actor. So he decided to make a feature film which he wrote, directed and then cast himself as one of the leads. Ryan chose to shoot the entire, micro budget, film using his iPhone 6s.

During the SBP Podcast episode 77, Ryan is joined by producer Brandie Rich. They spoke about their strategy to filming the feature length film Married And Loving It! The movie was centered around one location.

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The entire film was shot with the iPhone but they did not cut corners on the audio. Then they got creative with lighting. Most of the film is shot in daylight, but the final scene is a night scene and they used some very creative techniques that he shares during the podcast. One of the challenges, however, was shooting 18 pages a day and end production by 5pm.

Married And Loving It! is dialogue intense and the film focuses on marriage, as the title suggests. But there are a number of twists and turns, and a few shockers as well. It’s a mixed genre of drama, and comedy with a bit of horror.

Ryan wrote, directed and played one of the lead actors in the film. Even though each crew member had their own titles and obligations, they all dug in when needed to play and assist in different areas, which is quite typical in most independent films. But again…shooting 18 pages per day is a lot of work, even if it’s all done in one location, a house. The scenes were spread across different rooms which all needed to be set up.

Married and Loving It! Will have its premier screening during our virtual festival April 25 & 26. Ryan, Brandie and a couple other crew had planned to screen the film in San Diego in person and present a Q&A for attendees and other filmmakers.

We hope this episode of the SBP Podcast brings you a good insight on how the film was made and some background on the filmmakers. Most importantly, we hope you are inspired to live your dream to make feature films and realize, the camera is already in your hand.

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