Storytelling with Smartphone Cameras

Susan Botello
May 15 · 4 min read

We encounter stories throughout our daily lives. We are living at a time where we carry a tool that can capture a story and share it with the world.

Photo credit: Susy Botello

CK Goldiing records his encounters and challenges with his smartphone and one of them is a film that is going viral. CK came to speak during the International Mobile Film Festival #MFF2019SanDiego and we featured his film, 61 Hugs which he shot with his Samsung smartphone. is a conversation with CK on his last day before he flew back to the UK with a high potential to inspire storytellers to use their phone cameras to share their stories.

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The conversation with CK began casually with his film, 61 Hugs. But it soon becomes passionate as we discuss the storytelling aspect of video and film. We speak about how a moment can turn into a great story and some of that has to do with what people are willing to share with you when they trust you.

CK Goldiing (right) during Meet and Greet pre-festival event. Photo credit: Susy Botello

The other aspect of recording moments is distribution. We asked CK his preference and one thing he shares is how he doesn’t limit the potential of his videos by restricting them to a particular manner of distribution such as a series. However, he does have a series of videos in his YouTube channel with some videos becoming popular. 61 Hugs is going viral, not as a part of the series, but as a film.

CK Goldiiing has his own marketing agency and he knows how to reach out to the press which he did for his film and his marketing skills are a great example of how you can help your film go viral. The main point he wanted to share was that his film was a human story. He also gives our listeners some insights on how to get traction for your film or story to get it press attention.

Aaron Nabus, co-founder of the Hall H Show Podcast takes photo of CK Goldiing interacting during #MFF2019SanDiego. Photo credit: Susy Botello

CK discusses giving his film “as much oxygen as possible.” In order to do that, he had to not feel “icky” about sharing the film, and that is part of the challenge for content creators. Where you feel like perhaps you have already shared your film on Twitter enough but, no you haven’t. And there are always people who may see it today who did not see it yesterday.

The experience of being a part of the film festival in San Diego meant a lot for CK, and he shares the essence of what drives us to organize it each year. IMFF 2019 was the 8th edition and we celebrated Stories! as the theme during the 10th anniversary since it was launched in 2009.

Ross Perkins (left) and Steve Peterson (center) chatting with CK Goldiing during #MFF2019SanDiego at Marina Village Conference Center. Photo credit: Susy Botello
IMFF 2017–2019 Venue location at San Diego’s Marina Village Conference Center. Photo credit: Susy Botello
CK Goldiing during Q & A Session after screening 61 Hugs. Photo credit: Art Essence Photography

CK thanks each of the sponsors for this year’s film festival. He also challenged creators to listen to his advice on getting traction with their projects with a Seven-Day Challenge to “give oxygen” to their creations and share their results with CK. You can do that by tagging and following CK on social media below.

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Storytelling through film and video with your smartphone.

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Storytelling through film and video with your smartphone.