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Jun 11 · 3 min read
Upend film poster. Winner of IMFF 2019 First Place short film competition and Global Mobile Film Awards™ 2018 Best Visual Effects.

His film won First Place during the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego 2019. All the judges on the panel gave our guest, Blake Worrell the highest rating. Episode 60 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking is a discussion about the work involved in post production, the importance of audio, and some of the challenges he experienced during production as he shot the film with his iPhone 6S.

Download Episode 60 of the SBP Podcast with Blake Worrell as an MP3.

Blake Worell. Photo: Malina Ebert.

Blake’s film was originally a six minute film that he shortened to five minutes to qualify for the film festival’s short film competition. Blake is an artist. He brings his experience in music and acting to his film and spent a lot of time in post production working with several software applications to elevate the quality of the film in both audio and video. The story came together during post production for Blake in his film, Upend. Blake and his wife, Arly Jover, acted in the film and gave a star performance.

Shots from the film, Upend with Blake Worrell and Arly Jover.

Upend is an emotional sci-fi story with some special effects. Blake shares a lot of details with techniques and in-depth advice on the making of his winning mobile short film. His film also won the 2018 Global Mobile Film Awards™ for Best Visual Effects.

Below is the six-minute version of his film along with the five-minute version which won IMFF.

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Blake’s Original film version of Upend (Six Minutes):

Upend: First Prize Winner IMFF 2019 in San Diego:

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Song featured in this episode Bumperz from The Beast Within Album by Blake Worrell

Released April 5, 2013

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Storytelling through film and video with your smartphone.

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