The iPhone Is Your Recording Studio

Graham Cochrane is the founder of The Recording Revolution.

What you may have heard about the quality of audio for your film is probably correct: It needs to rock! Our guest in Episode 42 is Graham Cochrane, the founder of The Recording Revolution. He is showing people how to rock creating music that sounds awesome with no expensive equipment. He proved it using his iPhone and GarageBand and is going to share how you can do it too. On his website, Grahams says,“my passion is to educate and empower a new generation of musicians and songwriters to make outstanding music with their home studio.”

“My passion is to educate and empower a new generation of musicians and songwriters to make outstanding music with their home studio.” Graham Chochrane

Is it possible to get professional sounding recordings/mixes with home studio gear? Graham says, “Yes!” and his program teaches and guides you through the process of doing that. But when he was challenged to do it with his iPhone, he proved that you can even create great audio using your iPhone and the free app GarageBand by Apple. You may think he used an external microphone to record the vocals for his song, but he only used the built in microphone on the phone.

Listen to Graham share how he did it in the podcast now or download it to listen to it offline while you drive or whenever you want.

Graham shares a lot of great insight on things to know before you record and he even shares tips on how to get ready to record your music so your results sound professional.

Graham created a song using nothing but an iPhone 8 & the Apple GarageBand App as a challenge. He did not use any other equipment.

You may have shot your film already. You may be editing your film right now and wondering about how to improve it with some good music but the legal process can be intimating. You have choices by creating your own music using Graham’s program, his tips and advice. Perhaps you can play guitar and sing but to get a recording studio to record you and mix other instruments can be costly. In this podcast, you will learn how to use your iPhone to get that song into your film!

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