What Is The Filmbreaker Movement with Jason van Genderen

Ten years. Perhaps you just found out recently that people are making movies with mobile phones. It may come as a shock that it’s been going on for over ten years. But we recently met someone who has been making films using cell phones and more recently with smartphones since 2008. Meet Jason van Genderen in Australia. A pioneer filmmaker in the mobile filmmaking industry.

About two days after Jason launched his project: Filmbreaker, we recorded this podcast episode 21. Now, we are in San Diego which is history to Australia since they are a day into the future from us. But in about one day, after launching a Facebook page and the project, Jason had surpassed his goal. He planned to spend the rest of 2018 traveling and speaking at events geared toward mobile filmmakers to reach ten thousand followers to the project. But he passed that goal in one day. So when we were scheduled to record our podcast a couple days in, Jason was thrilled with enthusiasm…sort of elated with the results.

In this podcast, we asked Jason to tell us about where he came from and what drove him to make films with phones when hardly anyone else was doing it beyond experimenting. Jason shared that the technicalities of video production with professional cameras he used for videos before cell phones were actually keeping him from focusing on the story part of his videos. Once he began to use his phone with all the simplicities, he was able to focus more on the storytelling aspect of making films and videos. He won an award at TropFest and he just, well, he didn’t say it but we know what happened. He got bitten by the mobile filmmaking bug and became passionate about making films with phones.

You’ll want to listen to the podcast to understand a bit of the history of how we arrived here, ten years later. The conversation finds us comparing notes about the beginning of the mobile film industry from each of our perspectives. There is a story within this podcast which takes a little imagination to realize. But the best part is where we go from here. And that is where you, the listener, can take the story. Now it’s your turn to be a part of a great movement, a great community, and a great story. The story of mobile film began over ten years ago. Today is the beginning of the future of that story and it includes you and everyone with a phone camera. If you accept the dare to make films and share your stories using your smartphone camera.

You will want to tune in to our exclusive bonus podcast on our Patreon page for our patrons. Jason shares all you need to know about settings on your phone and apps. You will learn how to go into your settings to make sure you get the most of your video recordings for your films and then Jason brings up settings on apps used for filmmaking.

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Watch Jason’s film, Mankind Is No Island. The film won an award at Tropfest in New York, in 2008:

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