Create your team calendar in Google from Smartsheet

Some teams will like it to have all the deadlines set in a Smartsheet project plan, or team plan, also in their Google Calendar. That’s easily done. Go to the Calendar view via the left menu pane, and click the button ‘Publish to Google Calendar’.

Set Publish to ‘On’ and give your calendar a name.

Now go to Google Calendar and find it under the My Calendars list on the left. Click the drop-down arrow, and choose ‘Share this Calendar’. If you wish to only share it with your team, add your team members one by one, and make sure that they can at least ‘Make changes to events’.

This way, whenever they add for instance a day off, or holiday, or a block to work on another project to this calendar, it appears on all team members’ Google Calendar, without messing up the Smartsheet.