Bonus bounty category: 120,000 TAY for 30 best performers in the referral program — it’s on!

We are giving 120,000 TAY to the fastest mouths in town!

Do you think you are Taylor’s biggest fan? Can you get more people to join or more tokens bought than anyone else? Now it’s a good time to prove it!

Since 21% of the tokens sold so far came from the referral program, we decided to double down: besides the rewards from the referral program, you can now win a big prize in a brand-new Bounty Program category: The Referral Contest.

If you don’t have a personal referral link, it is not too late. Head to our official website and sign up. You will find the link inside your dashboard.

Taylor will equally distribute 120,000 TAY (111.6 ETH value) to our top 30 referrers. Whoever gets enough tokens sold using their referral link to get into the top 30 rank list, will be rewarded with an additional bonus of 4,000 TAY, currently valued at 3.72 ETH.

The more you share your referral link, and the best you select your audience, the higher is your chance to be one of our top 30 referrers.

A few things to consider when spreading the word:

  1. Holders of 1,000 TAY get free access to the mobile smart trading assistant;
  2. Holders of 3,000 TAY get also free access to its premium features, such as priority notifications and bigger trading limit;

Winners will be announced once the crowd sale comes to an end. You can track the rank in real time here.

Think you can win this? Show us what you got!

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