Development Update — July 27, 2018

The latest development updates from the Taylor team

Token distribution

The new TAYLR token distribution is successfully completed. The vast majority of the tokens were sent automatically while some tokens locked in exchanges will be sent manually.

We took the opportunity to fix some mistakes:

The manual review and distribution of the remaining tokens will start next week. If you read carefully our blog post and still think you received the wrong amount, please send us an email.

Important notes:

  • You don’t need to send more than one email;
  • The vesting contracts for advisors and founders will be deployed next week. It worth to note that the founder’s pool decreased from 10% to 8% since we decided to sell those tokens to raise the survival fund;
  • The bounty tokens will not be distributed until the end of the year.

Survival fund

The survival fund was completed and we are now funded until the end of the year! This is a great accomplishment and gives us conditions to focus 100% on our product instead of worry about the future.

Don’t worry; all funds are safe! 🙏

Product development

  • We fixed the crashing bug and completed the performance optimization of the mobile app. It’s incredibly fast now! We had to refactor some components, but now it’s done and we are quite satisfied with the results.
  • We completed the development of the system that will allow us to invite the beta users. Once the app is released, we will send invitation codes by email so that you will be able to activate your account. The whole process is working smoothly.
  • We implemented the last feature into the mobile app: a dynamic popup notification. This will be important for us to keep all users posted about important events, new features, updates, etc. It’s done and no more features will be implemented into the mobile app until we release the beta version.
  • We’ve been noticing a dangerous instability in our cloud infrastructure services (Google/Firebase). We moved from AWS to Firebase early this year believing they would provide us the right set of tools. In fact, they have great products but, as per our experience, very low reliability. If one of those services is down during a running trade, it will surely end with a loss. We cannot take this risk. Then we decided to move the core services back to AWS.

Release date

The app was planned to be released during July 2018. We have been working hard to keep the deadline, but we will not be able to. The beta release will be delayed to August 2018.

Even though we have a small team, we managed to accomplish several important milestones in the past few weeks. Some things were out of our control, but we will keep working hard to have the beta version out as soon as possible. We are very close!

We hope you understand and keep supporting us.