Development Update — July 9, 2018

The latest development updates from the Taylor team

This post is our first development update after the incident that made us lose all of our funds and forced us to work around. Although it has been difficult, we are managing to make progress.

Here are the main updates:

  • Finally, our Bittrex corporate account is enabled. We already asked them to whitelist our IPs, and we are currently running a set of scripts to validate that everything is working well. In about one week we will be able to determine if we have the so-called “limitless API access”.
  • The token swap tasks are pretty much done. Our script is capable of getting the balance of ~95% of the legit token holders and send them the new token. The smart contract deployment and token distribution will take place next week until July 20. As explained earlier, the tokens that aren’t sent automatically will be sent manually. We will post a new update once it’s done.
  • We are finishing the fixes and improvements on our backend services (order watcher, trade bot, market monitor bot, strategy builder, etc). A new test in the complete infrastructure is being performed to guarantee everything works as expected. This task may be done by July 20.
  • We’ve been noticing a severe performance glitch on the mobile app that was making it hard to use it smoothly. We already managed to fix most of the issues. We may complete by early next week.
  • About two weeks ago we found a critical issue while building the release version for Android (which will be our first operating system). Basically, we can open the app, but it crashes right after the splash screen. We’ve been trying to fix this, but we still couldn’t since we need to switch between tasks. Right now we are tackling every single component and dependency of the app, and we are confident that we will be able to fix this by early next week.
  • We are also working on our new website. We thought it would be essential to have a new website 100% focused on the product instead of the token sale. The first version will be a simple one-page, but it will bring the new concept we want to disseminate along the other pages. We will publish the new website by early August.

As you all know, we had to decrease our team until the end of the year drastically. We would like you to understand that we are doing our best (more than possible, given our circumstances) to accomplish all the roadmap without a single missed deadline. If anything goes wrong, we will try to notify in advance.

We count on you as a patient and supportive community.