Introducing Taylor, a smart crypto trading assistant

Taylor introduces its easy to use all-in-one app that monitors the cryptocurrency markets, notifies you with potentially profitable trades several times a day and let you trade effortlessly. Cryptocurrency trading has never been so easy.

Taylor — Crypto Trading for Everyone

In January 2009, people around the world found themselves having to survive the harshest global financial crisis since the great depression. It was the period that the 1% movement was at its peak. Banks were going bankrupt, millions of people around the world lost their jobs and their homes. Trust in the conventional financial system was reduced to zero. Humanity began to rise up to the status quo. In the midst of total chaos and uncertainty, a glimpse of hope was born. Bitcoin was created, introducing the world to the revolutionary concept of decentralised payment systems based on blockchain technology and, most importantly, cryptocurrencies. The evolution of the crypto market is nothing less than astonishing. In 2017 alone the market capitalisation grew from $18 billion to over $300 billion. Today the crypto universe consists of 7000+ markets and 1320+ cryptocurrencies (at the time of writing). Cryptocurrency trading is the most profitable investment opportunity in human history, and the best part is it is open to anyone. The most significant question on people’s minds is how to get into it. Taking into consideration the number of markets and their volatility it is certainly not an easy game to play.

Here is when Taylor comes to the rescue, landing a huge helping hand. But first, a little background information about how the Taylor project came to life.

The story and the problem

Crypto trading is hot right now, and like hundreds of thousands of people around the world, Thiago Régis, a developer and founder of the Taylor project, decided that he wanted a piece of the pie. He started trading cryptocurrencies and, very quickly, came across one of its most significant problems: the size and volatility of the crypto market. He found humanly impossible to monitor all of the market movements, as he was only able to focus on few crypto pairs at a time. Using his expertise, he developed a simple monitor bot to track the market on Bittrex exchange to identify when a coin had a significant up or down variation in its price, commonly known as pump and dump. In his view, a considerably sized dump could be an excellent opportunity to make a profit on the rebound.

Thiago started to make some profits and decided to share the bot with the world via a Telegram signal service called “DumpAlert Channel.” With over 1100 members — and counting — this service has helped many traders accumulate significant profits over time. Although having a signaling system was extremely helpful to identify investment opportunities, acting upon this signal for maximal profit generation was quite challenging. Entering and monitoring a buy and sell order of a specific trade was a difficult and time-consuming activity. Technical knowledge was an absolute must to make informed decisions regarding the proposed investment, as well as to establish the most appropriate existing strategy to maximize gains.

The solution was an all-in-one app. It would not only send signals, but it would also allow the user to perform the trade directly on the platform. Best of it all, it would closely monitor to find the perfect price to execute buy and sell orders. In turn, it would increase the profit rate and save precious time for the user.

Thiago couldn’t do it all alone, he used to follow my involvement with startups and cryptocurrencies. He reached out to me via a casual Facebook chat and quickly pitched his new idea. He sent me the prototype, a video, and an app demo. I didn’t take me long to decide to get on board. I invited Thiago for lunch, and we became business partners then. Together we started the Taylor project, with the intention of facilitating and streamline the way trading is done today.

Introducing Taylor!

The Taylor app is here to solve the most significant problems when it comes to trading: what to invest in when to do it and what is the most appropriate time to exit the trade.

It is an app designed to do the hard and tedious work for you. It’s a trading automation tool, that will monitor hundreds of markets in real time and signal you with the most attractive investment opportunities. It will notify you repeatedly, increasing the chance of earnings. Once a trade entered, the app will closely monitor it looking for the ideal exiting position, either for profit or user investment protection, in case things don’t go as planned (stop-loss).

The Taylor app

How Taylor works

By keeping close attention on the market movements, Taylor will signal you several times a day with potential trading opportunities, according to previously programmed strategies, together with detailed information about the specific crypto pair. If you choose to enter the trade, all that needs to be done is to select the value to be invested and the profit expectation. Hit the trade button, and the Taylor app is ON. It will monitor the price to eventually set a stop-loss to protect your investment, in case the value doesn’t move as predicted. When the desired profit has been reached, Taylor will close the trade and send a summary notification.Eventually, all the successful trades will add up, generating significant earnings in the long term.

Initially, the Taylor app will be programmed to perform a “scalping” strategy, which focuses on small profit gains of 1% to 3%. As the project develops, new strategies will be implemented, increasing the chance of gains.

How Taylor service works

The integration with major exchanges makes all operations possible, putting your portfolio across exchanges at your fingertips.

The present and the future

Since its creation, the Taylor project has already reached some significant milestones. The app has been tested and validated, and a successful private token pre-sale has been carried out to fund the initial phase of the project.

We are soon launching the public Token Sale campaign, which will run from February 19 to March 20, 2018. The Taylor mobile app will be launched simultaneously. During this period, the service will be free of charge so that you can test it for yourself.

It’s important to note that the Taylor is an ongoing project. Similar to the cryptocurrency sphere, the app is in constant evolution. We will work hard to stay relevant and up to date with the crypto markets, always aiming to help our users generate higher profits more often.

Join us and be part of the trading revolution

The Taylor project goal is to bring crypto trading to the masses. It is intended for everyone, it will help the inexperienced trader to find investment opportunities, and for the experienced ones, it will save precious time by monitoring the market. Check out the Q&A with Taylor’s CEO Fabio Seixas, to learn more about how this innovative project that is going to shake things up in the crypto universe came to life.

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