Introducing Taylor Academy

Crypto Knowledge for Everyone

Taylor was founded with the mission of making cryptocurrency trading accessible to everyone. It didn’t take long to be clear to all team members that education plays a big role in accomplishing this mission to its full extent.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce our brand-new product: the Taylor Academy.

What is Taylor Academy about?

The objective of the Academy is to create and distribute world-class educational content in the field of crypto and blockchain-related subjects.

This will be accomplished by sourcing the knowledge of very experienced traders and developers who will teach classes in a structure created by professionals who are also very seasoned in the education market, including existing management on our team.

Through Taylor’s ongoing work in the field, we have built a valuable network of widely renowned investors and specialists. We are leveraging these relationships to deliver a valuable resource to the Taylor Community. Taylor Academy will offer a variety of courses taught by experienced crypto traders — people who have navigated the complexity of the cryptocurrency markets and successfully generated sustainable profit.

As students increase their knowledge, they will be able to enroll in more advanced courses and also give back to other students in the Taylor Community.

A Comprehensive Trading Resource

While crypto trading offers plenty of opportunities, there are an equal number of challenges and pitfalls to avoid. Up to this point, learning how to trade cryptocurrency has been a process of trial and error where mistakes can be costly.

The Taylor Academy complements the capability of the Taylor application, harnessing the knowledge of experienced crypto traders and sharing the lessons we’ve learned with anyone interested in crypto trading — whether they are already dabbling in the market or are just entering into it.

Trading cryptocurrency can be overwhelming at the beginning. You have to play around, do research, and take a bit of risk in investing. By launching this service, we hope to create a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in navigating this complex market.


Taylor Academy distributes its courses between the following levels of access and required proficiency:


Free introductory courses are available to anyone. They feature experienced professionals in the field.


These courses are available to subscribers of the Taylor Standard plan and are also taught by experienced professionals. They require the student to have a basic knowledge of the subject before enrolling and can bring the students to an intermediary level of proficiency.

Taylor Standard plan subscribers can be monthly subscribers or members who hold at least 1,000 TAY and gain automatic access to these courses for free.


These are advanced courses that are taught by world-class specialists, including famous influencers in the crypto and blockchain world. The courses in this category are available to Taylor Premium plan subscribers.

Taylor Premium plan subscribers gain automatic access to this plan for free. They can be monthly subscribers who opt to pay the monthly fee using the TAY cryptocurrency or members who hold at least 3,000 TAY.

Getting free access

TAY tokens can currently be purchased in our public token sale, which will end on March 22, 2018 at 2PM UTC. We strongly recommend the purchase of at least 3,000 TAY to guarantee lifetime access to the influencer courses for as long as you hold this minimum amount in TAY. For subscribers less experienced with the crypto world, purchasing and holding at least 1,000 TAY is the way to go.


This is the initial list of courses that will be available on Taylor Academy. Courses are subject to change according to demand and market observations.

Free courses

  • Introduction to blockchain
  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies
  • Securing cryptocurrencies

Standard courses

  • Crypto market dynamics
  • Introduction to trading
  • Technical analysis I
  • Fundamental analysis of blockchain projects
  • Token economics
  • Introduction to trading tools

Premium courses

  • Technical analysis II
  • Advanced trading strategies
  • Mastering trading tools
  • Altcoins trading: strategies and opportunities
  • Advanced trading operations (margin trading, lending, futures)
  • ICO investment strategies

Building a Community of Crypto Traders

Our vision for the work done by Taylor includes playing a key role in disseminating cryptocurrency knowledge to the mainstream public and thus influencing the future of this industry.

We intend to lay the foundation for a knowledgeable community of crypto traders, where continuous learning and improvement is a possibility. That means quality content and peer knowledge share are readily available alongside the best-in-breed tools, allowing people of any skill set to take advantage of the market’s opportunities.

As students progress in their lessons, they are able to give back to less advanced users in the Taylor Community, helping them to learn and succeed at a faster pace.

The new and ever-changing field of cryptocurrency requires innovation, and it is our goal to make the name Taylor synonymous with this positive change. An innovative mindset led to the creation of the Taylor smart cryptocurrency trading assistant. The same mindset is feeding the conception of an amazing selection of people and creation of content.


Crypto trading for everyone, the Taylor assistant’s mission tagline, and crypto knowledge for everyone, the Taylor Academy’s mission tagline, are two sides of the same apple.

When students in the Academy learn about the fundamentals of crypto investing and advanced strategies, they will have a better understanding of why Taylor’s automated and convenient features of the mobile assistant are so helpful, making them more prone to use the product.

Also, the more educated the users of Taylor’s crypto trading mobile assistant become, the more likely it is that they will obtain better results. And the better the results are that are obtained by them, the more prominent our mobile assistant will become in the crypto trading community.

In the opposite direction, users of our convenient mobile crypto trading assistant will naturally be more inclined to seek a deeper level of knowledge as they get a taste of the potential results and continuous excitement that executing multiple trades provides.

Welcome aboard

If you are already a member of our Taylor Community and are eagerly awaiting access to the Trading Assistant and free courses, please join our Telegram Channel to talk to your fellow community members and managers of Taylor. Share your vision and thoughts about this new product offering. We want you to have a direct line of communication with us to speak your mind.

Also, please hurry and join our token sale to guarantee free access to both Taylor Academy courses and Taylor Mobile Trading Assistant. Gain access to the valuable features of both services for the token price that has been already established by the Taylor organization.