Phase Two… Start!

Taylor migrates from a successful token crowdsale into the building of a successful company

After achieving our first milestone through the token sale, now it is time to move on to the next steps. Our roadmap is exciting and we can’t wait to get our hands dirty.


We have put together a schedule for important steps after the token sale.

TAY Tokens unlocking

Tokens will be unlocked today (March, 26, 2018). After the unlock, token holders will be able to move their tokens to another wallet. Negotiation on decentralized exchanges such as EtherDelta and IDEX will be possible.

Referral Program tokens distribution

We plan to distribute all commission tokens from the Referral Program within one month counting from today. We need to check all referrals against the rules of the program and develop an automated system to make the transfer. The deadline is April, 26, 2018.

Bounty Program tokens distribution

The Bounty Program checking and inspection requires far more effort since there are thousands of reward requests submissions that need to be verified before tokens’ distribution. We plan to distribute all Bounty Program rewards within two months counting from today. An automated transfer system is also necessary. The deadline is May, 26, 2018.

Burn of unsold tokens

Since the burning of unsold tokens is a one time event, it must be done only after the verification and token transfer from the Referral and Bounty Programs. The date for the burning is still to be revealed. We will adjust this date according to the release of the beta app or even the release of the app production version 1.0.

The road ahead

Trading assistant beta app

We have released a video of the Beta mobile version of our assistant performing a live trade and an article with a technical explanation regarding a launch delay. Please check them out.

The updated deadline for the launch of a Beta app, that can be used for free by our community, is during the second quarter of 2018.

Trading assistant production version 1.0

We will launch the app version 1.0 in the third quarter of 2018, giving our community enough time to try the beta app for free and have full understanding of this service and its benefits. The launch of the Taylor app version 1.0 will initiate charging for subscription fees, which can be replaced by holding a minimum quantity of TAY.

Listing on centralized exchanges

We have already started talks with some cryptocurrency exchanges regarding the listing of TAY tokens.

This involves external factors, and for that reason, we are not able to be precise about the dates when it will happen for specific exchanges.

However, we have established the third quarter of 2018 as a roadmap stepping stone for at least one of them.

Taylor Academy content creation

We are now beginning to put together the curriculum for the Taylor Academy. The process of creating the material for it will start shortly. We intend to release the content to the public as soon as they are ready. That means that the entire curriculum will not be available at once. More information about the Academy can be found in this article.

New strategies and other exchange integrations built into the service

By the third quarter of 2018, we plan to have added more trading and market monitoring strategies into the Taylor Assistant service, as well as the support for putting trading orders into major cryptocurrency exchanges besides the already supported Bittrex, giving the user (trader) more options and possibilities.

We invite you to take a close look at all our social media channels and website for updates in our services.

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