Referral program token distribution announcement

Today, April 26, 2018, we distributed the commission tokens for the referral program.

The Taylor team is happy to announce the distribution of the referral program commission tokens. This distribution was handled automatically and delivered to the wallet you provided to us.

Here are some numbers we would like to share:

Tokens sold: 1,866,659.1191387055 TAY
Commission: 111,999.54714832241 TAY
Participants: 220

If you have any question about your referral commission tokens, please get in touch with us. Your help was invaluable to us in making our token sale a success.

Please note that the Referral Contest is part of the Bounty program and 120,000 TAY from this contest will be distributed in conjunction with the Bounty program reward tokens.

We would like to thank each 220 of you for your efforts.

Enjoy your tokens!

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